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  1. One never mentioned little comedy gem is "Better off Ted" only 2 seasons, you can find it on Netflix And watch Archer, it took me a long time to start watching it, since I was a little bit put off by the animation style, but that series is just too good, you'll be quoting it to your grandkids
  2. You should really check: The Official MSI GT60/70 970m/980m Upgrade Thread They have the exact info you need, including whether or not you need to flash the system bios and where to get it
  3. I pretty much agree with everything said here but there is one not-so-small thing mos people forget to bring to consideration What screen will you be gaming on? A single GTX970 will be more than enough for a FullHD single screen, I would only consider the 980ti sli if you are going to game on a multiple and/or wQHD/4k display setup
  4. According to The Official MSI GT60/70 970m/980m Upgrade Thread | NotebookReview You should be able to upgrade to the 970m (or even the 980m if you wish to splurge) as long as you are brave enough to flash the vBios
  5. If you are serious about building your own and place power over portability, I would go with a Sager NP8651/Clevo P650SE chassis While it goes very slightly over your budget, the very option of being able to easily swap out the gpu in the future and it's base upgradability make it worth it. Lenovo's quality and service are sub-par in my experience
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