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  1. It sounds like Spread Spectrum Clocking is preventing any overclock of the BCLK. If it can be disabled, then we can overclock.
  2. Hey man, I was trying to download the 1.212v bios for the y580 with 660m and all the links have died. Hoping to go for a record clock and 3dmark score. Any help would be appreciated!

    1. spx75


      halllo ... i  also  need that file .  my gpu with stock bios is only capable of 1200 -2840

      i need he extra voltage i suppose ... im on 2.07  bios....   if you can upload  it would be wonderful ..

    2. bartek


      hi.i need that bios too. ty

  3. So far, I haven't had to use a laptop cooler for my Y580, just a repaste and elevated the laptop 3" off the desk. GPU is 1300mhz/2800mhz at 1.087V and my GPU hits 75c while playing witcher 3(gona push for 1400mhz on Steady 1.1V). I think my CPU was hitting 80c, I'll have to check next time I play. I will probably go for the U2 after what you said.
  4. Has anyone been able to do this on a y580? I would like to setup an e-GPU but I cant seem to find any info in relation to the y580.
  5. I wonder if you could cut the brown wire on a Y580 to get rid of the fan pausing when using this. my CPU maxes out at 87c and my GPU maxes out at 75c. These temps are after a repaste and with the GPU set at 1300mhz core, stock memory (since memory OC doesnt add much performance).
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