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  1. jafohk

    I register new member

    hello there
  2. jafohk

    VR (Oculus, Vive & co.) Will you buy it?

    Hell yeah.. But I wil get the version 2.0 a year after:)
  3. jafohk

    What is your favorite tv-shows?

    Lost is my favorite:)
  4. jafohk

    MSI GT70 ONE boot issue

    It could also be the ram. A while back I installed 4 8gb ram into my GT70 and after a few months it started having boot problems. What I ended found out was that one of the ram slot under the keyboard was defective and when I pulled the ram from that slot it booted ok since. hope it helps:)
  5. jafohk

    GT70 Dragon2 780m to 980m upgrade

    I just got the 4940MX for the Dragon2 and am thinking about getting a 980m for it as well. Do I need a new power adapter and is there a particular version of the 980m that will work with the Dragon2 without modding anything?
  6. jafohk

    Interesting pics

    I like the censored one better hahaa
  7. jafohk

    Kids Are Great

    lol thanks!

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