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    Favorite MMO?

    Its a horrible thing to say but I used to log into Runescape to talk to friends around the world. It was very effective for chatting and mind numbing repetitive tasks. Planetside 2 can be fun, but you need a great connection to the server and a lot of patience. Its not really a normal MMO either. ESO online is promising but I am just starting it.
  2. Its rare for these things to work as finely as advertised. Normally the big numbers have huge hidden limitations. I would recommend waiting for the 3rd-4th gen product. Maybe from a competitor.
  3. I would recommend staying away from the business sides of web-stores. The same equipment can be found on the home user side for less. That said I have had a positive experience with the Lenovo U series. They tend to have introductory graphics, a solid processor, adequate HDD space, and a decent battery life for about $700. If there isn't enough HDD space for you in a laptop, large (128 GB+) flash drives are quite affordable.
  4. My desktop used to randomly reset or reset continually. I discovered it was an issue with the case or mobo after some experimenting. Disconnecting the reset button fixed it. If the other suggestions don't work and you have a reset button or the like, try swapping it in for the power connection and see if you have the same problem. (and leave the power connection loose)
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