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  1. morshed11218

    Slow wifi connect

    I know everyone loves to throw the word interference but I would highly recommend you look at some article on google about connection problem. It could be due to where your router is located, your subscription. Some wireless companies actually slowed down your internet if you are a repeat offender of copyright violation. It could be that the company is slowing down internet due to high volume usage at peak time. Not everything is result of interference.
  2. morshed11218

    Lenovo Y510P Wifi Looses Conectivity

    Same issue I'm having. At first I thought it was my router, so I went and bought a brand new 100+ router, and noticed still having drop connection issue. I decided to upgrade the card, and found out that's not possible with the blacklist and with that reason, I ended up there at this site. Just get yourself a new WIFI card, mod the BIOS, and your good to go.
  3. morshed11218

    Gaming on windows 10

    Had no issue what's so ever with the upgrade. I think my performance actually increased with the upgrade. I play a lot of starcraft and Heroes of the storm both pretty performance intensive game,
  4. morshed11218

    Is Alienware Alpha Worth It?

    I wouldn't recommended either. There are much better alternative out there that will cost you much less then what they put out. I think alineware is increasingly becoming a brand that targets demographic who's new to computer gaming culture, enticing them with the aesthetic look of their computer.
  5. zero therm ZT. I have been using it recently and it's great.It also comes with a finger cot, so when you spread a thin layer of it on your CPU you don't have thermal paste on your fingertip for the rest of the day.
  6. morshed11218


    love H1Z1. DayZ is good too but I feel that they don't have that kind of demand support for the game as much H1Z1 has.
  7. morshed11218

    I register new member

    hey all
  8. morshed11218

    Favorite MMO?

    I know everyone loves to hate on WOW these days but even to this day, it's one of the best MMO out there. Yeah, it got servery dumb down but it's still fun to play it.
  9. morshed11218

    What music are you listening to right now?

    Mgmt - kids
  10. morshed11218

    VR (Oculus, Vive & co.) Will you buy it?

    I will wait till it goes through couple of rounds of release. Let the firs time user be the beta tester for the product.
  11. morshed11218

    What movies have you seen lately?

    [h=3]The Man from U.N.C.L.E. Good movie, don't mind the really bad name.[/h]
  12. morshed11218

    Do Gaming companies hate PCs?

    I would say. Like many have posted before, big companies see console gamer's as easy target for DLC's and DRM, mostly of DLC's (Money!!) I think it also had to do with the culture of computer gamers vs console games. We computer games tend to hold on to games we enjoy longer.. We go avobe and beyond to keep game keep going even if the developers have stopped supporting. We mod, we develop, and we survive. Where as console gamers, they will always chase for the new toy and new toy = money to these companies. .
  13. Hi Everyone. It's nice to be in a site where we all have the same passion. I'm a software C+/Java developer. If any help needed, shoot me a pm. thanks

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