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  1. Okay that makes sense. Eurocom is one of those partner shops correct?
  2. I was running a P170EM. What I ended up doing was grabbing the AFUDOS executable from the P-SM and overwriting the one that came with the P170EM zip file. That ended up fixing it since before trying to even run AFUDOS didn't do anything from the command line. I appear to be all flashed up from a BIOS perspective. I assume now that when I tried to install the latest GeForce drivers that because I got an error saying there isn't a compatible card that I need to update the vBios is that correct?
  3. I was at a conference where they were showing off Rift demos... I was surprised how cool it was and yet still disorienting. I'd love to see how things work out when Sony helps make it even more main stream. Hopefully it's not a fad tech.
  4. 80s NES music is now my new study/work music. Perfect upbeat tempo with no lyrics to distract me!
  5. Recently saw the Martian. While I liked the movie, for some reason the book seemed to capture the tension so much more. Still it was fantastic to see Hollywood treat science right.
  6. Prema I've got a question. When I ran Step2, it got to the point where it asked to press any key to continue. However, when I do, it just goes back to the command line and doesnt start the flash. What can I do in this situation?
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