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  1. Hey guys, This issue just came up with my laptop yesterday. After unplugging and replugging a minute later I noticed that the laptop battery is not charging anymore. I have to say though the battery is really worn out, it only hold charge for like 15mins. I can still power up the machine (it has some batter power left) but plugging it in is just producing some smell. I took the laptop apart to see where the problem is. Here are some pictures of the power socket: http://prntscr.com/gb4fg6 http://prntscr.com/gb4fyh http://prntscr.com/gb4g65 http://prntscr.com/gb4ge6 Everything looks ok to me to be honest (although I am no expert). But I can definitely feel a stronger smell around this bit. So what do you think the problem is here? The power socket? or could it be the power supply (btw that is a adp-180hb b if it matters)? I guess we can rule out the battery? Anyone had similar experiences? Since this is my work computer I’d appreciate any help you can give me. Thank you so much in advance!
  2. I've managed to buy a GTX 780 heatsink. As on the picture above also, it has a track that goes over to the CPU (I believe). Screenshot by Lightshot. How do you remove that? it is obviously not needed. Anyone has ideas?
  3. I've managed to buy a GTX 780 heatsink. As on the picture above also, it has a track that goes over to the CPU (I believe). Screenshot by Lightshot. How do you remove that? it is obviously not needed. Anyone has ideas?
  4. Hey Drahcir, That sounds positive. Although I am a bit more worried about long term effects. In a short period I can imagine it working, but not sure if parts that are not properly connecting would not degrade because of the additional heat they need to endure. And the second thing is I don't quite get what the yellow rectangles are supposed to be on this image on how to modify the heatsink: https://forum.techinferno.com/msi/10710-gt780dx-upgrade-gtx-9xxm.html#post149431 Surely you don't put thermal pads there, right?
  5. I am in the middle of doing the same thing. I got the GPU already. The only problem it seems is the heatsink. The 570M's heatsink is a little different and doesn't seem to cover the 970M's chip completely (apart form the necessary dremeling of the top bits of course). So far I have not received any confirmation is that would be an issue or not. If someone can confirm that I don't need to buy a new heatsink that would be great.
  6. so you are saying that it isn't a problem that the 570M heatsink has a rectangular copper shape while the 970M has a square one? I can dremel the rest I am only worried about the copper plate not covering the GPU core enough.
  7. hey Bloetschkopf, I got my new Clevo 970m delivered for my MS-1761. But then I realised the heatsink is different for the 570m and 970m. You mentioned before that the 570m heatsink is a bit too small but might still work. How would you make it work? Would you recommend though to buy another one? I've only found one in europe which is way pricier than in US: New MSI MEDION Heat Sink nVidia GTX780 GTX770 E31-0406580-Y31 | eBay Is that a correct one?
  8. That sounds good Bloetschkopf. Does the vid card need to be Clevo or is there any sort of restrictions which 970M should I buy? After a brief search I have found this: Nvidia GeForce GTX 970M 6GB DDR5 for Clevo MSI Alienware M18x M17x r4 in stock | eBay I also saw that people were opting for the GT72 MXM Upgrade Kit. Is this a better choice? Also would I need to do anything about the cooling or the drivers? Thanks a lot for helping me
  9. Hey there, I have purchased a Force 1761 (MS-1761) laptop from xoticpc.com in 2011, but now the video card need replacement. Specs: i7-2630QM, GTX 570M, 8GB RAM The person in the repair shop said they can't replace the GPU however I started reading and while I found some people having problems with upgrading (especially with 770,780M cards) I have also read good things about 870M. Additionally: "Yes, the GTX900M Series runs without any problems in the MS-1761 Barebone. This Series works in all MSI Barebones." (source: http://forum.techinferno.com/msi/10710-gt780dx-upgrade-gtx-9xxm.html) Can you confirm that this is the case? If yes, would 870 and 970 both work? Or is there other or better options? Thanks a lot for any help Balint
  10. Hello there, Sorry for necroing this thread but I have a valid question. I have a Force 1761 (MS-1761) and the video card is completely broken - GTX 570M Now would iTzZent's comment apply to my laptop also? Can I replace my 570M to a 900 series graphics card? If possible I wouldn't go for a 980M as it is still crazy expensive but a 960, 970 would suffice. (also would the 870M work?) Please let me know if you would need any other info to answer my question. Thanks a lot guys in advance Balint
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