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  1. Is the laptop overheating from the stress test?
  2. Pa1n21

    Y400 Overheating

    Could be that your heat-sinks aren't properly tight enough. Lenovo didn't properly tighten the screw springs tight enough at the factory, so you may need to use spacers to tighten her up.
  3. What is the type of the driver, Bluetooth, WIFI, Chipset, etc?
  4. Same situation as almecho here. For once having less driver support has made the experience better,
  5. Sure that it isn't the Nvidia drivers? The Windows 10 versions seem to have a lot of bugs. I find that every time my PC's wake from sleep mode they crash.
  6. Honestly, Windows 10 really isn't worth it to upgrade on a gaming PC until more the bugs are ironed out, as well as more driver support. After that it could be pretty good, especially with DX12. My Nvidia drivers tend to like to crash every once and while after the upgrade.
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