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  1. Developers having hate towards PC gaming maybe is a bit far fetched, but I would say consoles are definitely getting more attention and hard work, because that is where all the money is. There are very few companies left, that make big AAA games exclusively for PC, or make it with more features, etc. Which isn't exactly great for gaming as a whole, especially visually-wise, but you gotta deal with what you gotta deal...
  2. Tried it on a friend's PC and newer games were fine, no crashes and weird stuff, but some games had indeed some nasty crashes, specifically on some older games and emulated PS games. So I'm still sticking to W7 for now... I like my retro stuff working.
  3. For me, I would say maybe only ENB Series... I like my games more Rockstar-ish.
  4. H1Z1 and DayZ are pretty good contenders. Though I find H1Z1 the superior one. Pretty fun and all. Though for the perfect example I would straight say Fallout series.
  5. deepfreeze12

    Gtav on pc

    I had this issue before with an old hdd (5400rpm/8mb), very slow loading, strange popping textures, and whatnot. Then a change with a newer hdd (7200rpm/16mb) seems to have solved the problems. If it is a SSD it may quite likely even increase your FPS just a bit, and remove all loading problems. Totally worth it IMHO for newer games like GTA V, which have huge open world.
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