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  1. elmoran

    Notebook Cooling Pad

    wow never saw on of these, tell me how good this thing works
  2. elmoran

    Any good Music (for download) websites?

    Use the soundcloud downloader plugin, youll find almost every song there and with one click you got it
  3. elmoran

    VR (Oculus, Vive & co.) Will you buy it?

    I cant wait to get one, never had the chance to use one
  4. elmoran

    LoL vs Dota

    LOL of course !
  5. elmoran

    Notebook Cooling Pad

    Well maybe you bought a bad one ;D
  6. elmoran

    H1Z1 - is this a high demanding game ?

    It runs better than ark! ark is the most terrible optimized game I know of
  7. elmoran

    Is 4k monitor really worth it?

    I would wait, not much enough content out there yet and with the waiting the prices will go lower
  8. elmoran

    What movies have you seen lately?

    Terminator Mad max straight outta compton
  9. elmoran

    What is your favorite tv-shows?

    The walking dead Fringe Simpsons Adeventure time top gear
  10. elmoran

    Laptop porn thread!!

    Clevo p170em with the gtx680, not the newest but almost everything runs on highest settings
  11. elmoran

    What music are you listening to right now?

    most of the time I listen to radio and some mixtapes on soundcloud, to much work searching for new music.

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