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  1. I see. I believe you'd have to modify your own bios or svl7's bios then, and I have no experience with that whatsoever. There are some bios-tuning programs out there that let you more easily modify a bios, however.
  2. Hi all, I successfully flashed my 880M SLI to the modded bios. I noticed that when I unplug my power, the graphics drivers soon crash. I would assume this is because power throttling was lessened or disabled. Is there a way I can keep the modded bios but still run on battery when I need to by lowering voltage, clocks, or the like? Suggestions? Thanks in advance! On the other hand, does anyone have any recommended values for overclocking or even overvolting my 880M SLI that reaches about 78 Celsius max at 993 MHz Core and 1.000 V? - - - Updated - - - I would assume you can use nvidiaInspector to undervolt your card since you have the modded vbios. You would have to do this upon every time you started your computer though, unless you made your own bios, which is a bit of a hassle. I'd suggest creating an undervolted profile in nvidiaInspector and then making a shortcut to that profile from your desktop.
  3. On my school computer, a 13-inch HP ultrabook, I noticed a decrease in battery life after upgrading to Windows 10. I usually run in high performance mode on all my computers, so I don't expect the best battery life to begin with, but I'd like to think that Windows 10 decreased my battery life because 1) I have "Hey, Cortana" on, so the microphone is actively listening, and 2) The new graphics and animations in Windows 10 put more load on my RAM, CPU, and Integrated GPU. So I do not think Windows 10 improves battery life.
  4. I have a Clevo P570WM, and I was surprised that Windows 10 actually fixed something for me. On windows 8.1, even after countless uninstalls and reinstalls of the driver, the hotkey program (that lets you customize the keyboard lighting) would crash on startup and not be able to be launched until restarting the computer multiple times in order to get a colored keyboard other than the default solid blue. Upon upgrading to Windows 10, this crashing has stopped. Why? I don't know, but it's a fantastic thing. So I'm someone that actually had a positive experience with a Windows 10 upgrade and Clevo hardware/software. However, I have had multiple negative issues with non-Clevo hardware (creative soundcard namely, which still hasn't been fixed even with windows 10 drivers), so Windows 10 has still been an overall negative experience for me. Does anyone know how to downgrade back to 8.1?
  5. This information pertains to others with a Clevo P570WM or an 880M crashing problem. Yesterday, I installed the Prema mod v5 for my Clevo P570WM successfully (I was nervous - it was my first bios flash). I did it in hopes of stopping my 880M SLI graphics drivers from constantly crashing and recovering. And surprisingly (knowing this wasn't a vbios), it seemed to have fixed the crashing! I gamed for at least 4 hours after installing the bios mod last night without a single crash. That did not happen on the stock bios. I still want to install the 880M vbios mod from svl7 to unlock the true potential of the 880Ms, but I have heard that one can no longer game on battery power only once installing that vbios. Apparently, the battery does not apply enough wattage to the computer once the cards are not longer able to throttle themselves (a feature of the vbios mod), and the computer crashes. Does anyone else know if this is true?
  6. I would definitely NOT recommend a Sager NP9570. The battery does not supply enough watts to run the processor or even one of the two graphics cards at full power. Anyway, to answer your question, I would look at an Asus G75 with a 980M. 980Ms have lower power draw compared to 880Ms or lower X80Ms, and they have amazing performance. I used to own an Asus G73JH-BST7 before getting my Sager NP9570, and it was able to be at full power (full CPU/GPU clocks) on battery for at least an hour, which is amazing for a gaming laptop. Make sure, however, the OEM you buy from does not have forced battery-throttling encoded into their machines (you want to be able to select high performance in windows' power options and still not have throttling), which should be hard to figure out. I can say from experience Asus at least did not when I owned one.
  7. One of the things you mentioned was that Alienware had a great cooling system. I own a Sager NP9570 (Clevo P570WM) with 880M SLI (known to overheat) with IC diamond thermal paste applied from XoticPC, and I have never seen such an effective cooling system. Under full load for quite a while, I'm looking at 64-65 degrees Celsius on GPU1 and maybe 70 degrees Celsius on GPU2. The casing for the Sager is very large, however - it's very thick, which contributes to good cooling. Additionally, I have heard that the model places its 4 fans directly overtop of the cards and CPU, which contributes to fantastic cooling. Now, you specified a different Sager model that I am unfamiliar with in your original post, but Sager can make effective cooling systems for sure. The fans are almost always on, however, and while I wouldn't call them whiny or loud, they definitely have a deep presence.
  8. Hi everyone. I registered for this site in hopes of getting my GTX 880M graphics drivers to stop from crashing. I am interested in installing the 880M vbios from svl7 in hopes of correcting this issue or at least stopping my 880M SLI from throttling. I shall try to get 5 posts so I can download the vbios as quickly as possible without spamming. I have a Sager NP9570 with an i7-4960X and GTX 880M SLI 8GB. I really like how the laptop performs, but some cons I have noticed were a dead pixel within the first week of use (still there over a year later - reseller/Sager would not replace screen because they stopped making the screen I have. They offered to replace it with another screen, but I like the 90% NTSC color scale on this one that is not offered in current displays). Also, I am annoyed with the graphics drivers constantly crashing when under load when not overheating and while having at least 660W from the PSUs. This is what I'm hoping the vbios might fix. Other than those issues and the fact that SLI doesn't work with all games, I absolutely love this computer and its RAW power. Having 980M SLI would fix almost all my problems with the computer, but I don't have the money to purchase them, nor do I know how to sell my current cards or even replace them if I had a pair of 980Ms. So I have to find a solution for what I have - 880M SLI, and that is why I'm here. Nice to meet everyone.
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