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  1. you are right! I finished installing the bios for this pc .. the Rams rectum overclocking 1600 MHz to 1800mhz , 1867mhz in crashed .. after 10 minutes of testing I can say that are stable .. even the cpu runs quiet 4.5 .. is the first time that I have at hand a computer so powerful , and I swear that I have never enjoyed so much! Slowly light everything that there is to know about the various settings because I really so much to learn ! - - - Updated - - - ah sorry if my English is not perfect , but I'm Italian and I try to make myself understood as well as possible
  2. I think there is nothing more odious than taking the new PC by three weeks and start seeing the new model now .. I love my 4790k and in terms of performance there is not much difference comparing the 6700K , but the DDR4 -.- " I am usually the loser -.- "
  3. DDR4 support , new desktop processors 6000 series other substantial differences compared with the ZM ? Type nvidia optimus ? Since the battery is an optional haha although a purchase of a notebook as powerful some compromise must also take
  4. Thanks a lot Prema! Before going to flash few bios are always fearful , better to be sure than risk a fine brick !
  5. I recently bought a p771zm - g , with i7 4790k cpu and gpu gtx970 6GB .. I have a question : I found the prema bios for my pc ( P77xZM - G_315_39_PM_v2.rar ) , but I do not know if in addition I also have to flash the vbios relative to the GPU instead to have full control dela graphics card
  6. it would be possible to see a picture from a distance more ? I'm curious to see how the entire plant attaches to the motherboard
  7. I am a lover of this kind of games.. dead island both the first and the second was already two beautiful games , the only flaw the little interaction with the buildings .. are two weeks playing a dying light and I must say that at the time I do not think there is a game of survival function as complete .. the two cities made ​​available are large enough to not get bored quickly .. perfection would be the vastness of the maps to fall out with a theme survivor as dying light .. maybe in the future
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