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  1. Hello all, I just wonder if someone could take a look at a bios to know if it's possible to unlock it? a Dell Alienware Area51 R2 model : file name: Alienware_Area_51_R2_A08.exe Link here Thanks a lot Pas
  2. I have the unlocked bios 5DCN40WW(V2.07) and I can install all win 10 iso.. no problem at all
  3. Hello, I got a Alienware Area 51 R2 late 2014, I just wonder if a bios unlock is even possible? https://app.box.com/s/b3dw155uvoi7lzu3dz3tgrt5toasfgw8 Thanks a lot
  4. @ Zacharybinx34 you have a brick, I will say > mail it to Lenovo, they will swap your MB..
  5. Hey svl7, Is there a way to make the newest bios : unlocked, whitelist mod, 660m @ 1GHz core 3d as well? Thanks a lot...
  6. Here it is >>> here use at your own risk as I didn't test it, credit to the first up-loader and creator > berghaus.
  7. Y580 without an OS will get the v2.0X bios I'm sure You can install retail Win8 and any other OS you like the v8.0X bios are for Y580 win8 oem only.
  8. wait for a new official bios release from Lenovo to get a Mod..
  9. Yeah .. like WOL wil never work.. the reason for that is that the motherboard in a shutdown state is not supplying power (even with AC on) to the network adapter so it can't be waken. but options are in the bios. I'm looking forward for a vbios.. thanks. svl7
  10. Great.. I will be looking for a good dual band pcie wireless card now... as for my LAN at boot problem I got resolved by loading the proper driver.. as for WOL from total shutdown still a puzzle ????? if anyone with this mod bios willing to try the right bios set up: >> lan cable in then plug the ac cord the lan light next to the cable should blink. that my goal... BIOS puzzle ... hummmm.
  11. Hey svl7 what are the cards you added? any 5 ghz brand? Also I running flat as to where is the trick to get the gig Atheros LAN on at boot, I have tried a lot of combination none work.. I need PXE lan up and running at boot. I use acronis and paragon to back on network. any ID???? Thanks
  12. Hey all I have new pics. video config thermal config advanced cpu control IDE config > HDC config has 3 options: IDE - AHCI - RAID good if someone want to RAID a msata with a regular SSD... but not sure if it work
  13. You don't need to remove the wireless card to see the bluetooh module to work.. just go to the stock bios and disable the wireless lan, that it..
  14. That right... there are menus that you should be careful with settings. I will try to make more pics.. sometime today.
  15. You welcome.. Thanks for you to make this happening. maybe they mean "regression enable" as if yes then no go.. contradiction very yes. I haven't play much with settings yet.
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