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  1. This is my Desktop at the moment
  2. jay0r

    Resident Evil 6

    A guy from Germany here, i know why he can play it... a polish reseller sold some stolen copies of RE6 to some customers.... as Capcom found out they directly forbit the selling of the game... and let the selling person get under arrest, now out there are some copies and nobody knows who the customers are.... here is a reference Resident Evil 6: Gestohlene USK-Versionen in Polen verkauft • News • PlayStation 3 • Eurogamer.de
  3. Oh my gosh guys, i own a Medion X7811 which has also a Core i7 2630QM.... a few months ago i had the problem that the CORE temps keeps on getting higher than 100C since i changed the original thermal paste in some artic cooling MX2 .... now the core temps are at extreme usage with max 90C ....
  4. Isnt the easiest way to update graphic driver over the windows update?
  5. Im a owner of a Medion X7811 i hope im soon able to test your GX740 Bios but first i need permission from some administrator or Mod Edit: I just flashed the bios and alot of new options are available now, but there are no settings for the Chipset Is there a way to enable those too, because i wanted to change my RAM ?!
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