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  1. Hello everybody, sorry for reviving two years old thread. I just bought a 330W PSU for my M17xR4 and it seems to work out of the box. Just a quick question: in BIOS the laptop shows "330W PSU". Is this a clear sign that everything is working as intended, or it is just showing what I connected, but that doesn't mean it will use the full power? Thanks!
  2. Yeap, installed with no modding or disabling dds. Just as on normal PC. Wow! Even thinking of trying Geforce experience (I need it for my Nvidia Shield tablet).
  3. So should be "safe" to flash, right? As far as it can get safe to flash something. UPD: just as info for anybody else with my doubts. Did it and all went fine.
  4. Hi Guys, I already flashed once one of Prema's vBIOSes, but now can't remember if is it normal to receive this message right before flashing? "warning firmware image pci subsystem id does not match adapter pci subsystem id" Whould really like to avoid bricking the card. Thanks!
  5. You are welcome! I never saw mine over 70. But have to say that the most demanding games I run so far are: Watchdogs, Shadow of Mordor and Crysis 3. Don't know how bad/heavy Witcher 3 is.
  6. assuming you flashed A11 unlocked do this: - go to the bios (press F2 repeatedly on boot), load the default settings. Now Save WITHOUT exit. Go to Boot menu -> "Boot list option" UEFI -> "Load Legacy Option ROM" Disabled -> "Secure boot" Disabled-> " Windows 8 Fast Boot" Disabled. Now go to "Advanced tab" -> "Video Configuration" -> "Primary Display" PEG. Now go to "PCI Expless Graphics" -> "Aways Enable PEG" Enabled. Save and Exit bios. From here you have completely disabled your integrated graphic card and will run only on Nvidia. Keep in mind that you will need to use DDU to remove the old Nvidia drivers and then install the modified one. You will need to disable the DSE in Windows in order to install them. When installing the drivers install only display adapter drivers and PhysX, nothing else. PS. It is not required to pull your card. If you are stuck with 8 beeps just remove the CMOS battery and hold down the power button for more then 30 secs. Do it with your clock on hand 'cause it seems an eternity. Then power on and do the steps above. Only pure UEFI will work.
  7. Hi Everybody! Do I need to uninstall nvidia drivers before the flashing process? When I tried to save the backup.rom file the mnvflash showed me a warning saying that I should make sure that the Nvidiai Display Driver is uninstalled. Or disabling it from Device Manger is enough?
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