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  1. I had this problem as well, however, I used a Dell 6990m. Even though the temps were roughly the same as the Clevo 6990m in my M17x R2, the M15x shutdown was in the same way as with the OP. Setup was with a 940xm, 240W power brick and 16gb Ram. Last week I changed the Dell 6990m out for a 970m, and haven't had the issue since. Even though it is a bit older topic, perhaps this info can help someone.
  2. When I saw that post, it really enlightened me over the problems and things still bugging Windows 10 (and myself). But over time, I also will switch over to Windows 10, no doubt about it. But for now, I'll wait till the issues have been resolved. Alienware screens fry a lot, and I have 2, so not risking it. The thing is, a very good friend of mine told me that Windows 10 will be the latest Windows they will ever release. From now on, they will only introduce new updates on said Windows 10, so I will need to switch over. One thing to mention though, whilst Windows 10 resets a lot of settings (mute microphone for example), it also provides better driver support on other fronts (a friend of mine sounded like he had a new microphone, while he only had installed Windows 10 instead of 7).
  3. To download vBios files from T|I you need 5 quality posts. As for OC'ing the GPU you can use MSI Afterburner, Asus GPU Tweak, or EVGA Precision X. You will see a benefit when OC'ing the 770m's, however, you can only go to +135 on the core clock with MSI Afterburner on the stock bios (https://rog.asus.com/forum/showthread.php?35358-Overclocking-a-gtx770M) As always with OC'ing, be carefull and do it in steps, not all chips react the same to OC'ing (not every piece of silicone is the same).
  4. On paper WIndows 10 should be better, with multi-core support, and the upcoming DirectX 12, but, looking at point 11 (performance) in the following link on NBR: Why I don't like Windows 10 | NotebookReview it seems that Windows 10 isn't better then Windows 7 nor 8.1 . Don't know how DirectX 12 will relate, but still, it gives some insight. (All credits go to Mr. Fox and Matrix Leader on NBR).
  5. I always used Logitech mouses and keyboards, but after the MX Revolution (still going strong) and Performance MX, I switched over to Madcatz (also fitted nice with my nickname). The Performance MX has very light triggered left and right mouse buttons, but I also already broke 1 Madcatz R.A.T. 7 (laser broke) and this one has an occasional buggy left trigger. So my next mouse will probably be a Logitech G9X.
  6. Half a year ago I had the "Plugged in, not charging" error on my M17x R2. After trying the Stealth mode toggle, the A10 bios update and the re-seating of the batter, the problem still persisted. So, after removing the battery from the M17x R2, I cleaned both the contacts of the battery and the receiving contacts of the motherboard. I used a very fine grit sandpaper (P1200 for example) to get in between the contacts of the battery (don't need to go wild here, it just needs a surface clean), and afterwards, I cleaned all the "debris" with a piece of paper with rubbing alcohol on it. Make sure to thoroughly clean the contacts with the rubbing alcohol! You do not want any form of debris to remain in there. A friend of mine advised me to use a felt pen, but the sandpaper did the trick for me. Afterwards I just refitted the battery and never had the "Plugged in, not charging" problem again. Hope this tip will help someone here on this forum.
  7. Even though it sounds like a GPU problem, have you tried cleaning the Mobo and checking the battery contacts? My AW M17x R2 and M15x have had the strangest errors, including a no post (on the M15x), and after cleaning the Mobo's with rubbing acohol and Q-tips, and cleaning the contacts of the battery and the receiving contacts on the Mobo, they both worked as good as new. It might be worth a try.
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