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  1. Thanks for the link . However, I have noticed that Vendor ID in the ''HP K5000m OC'' is Nvidia and not HP. Is HP's whitelist fine with that or do I have to find a ''Vendor ID-HP'' VBIOS ?
  2. I haven't noticed any increase in battery life on acer aspire laptop (previously it had win 8.1), but i like the design and accesibility more compared to 8.1 (to me, metro looks like a phone menu stretched to laptop size )
  3. I have the latest dell K5000M driver, but I can't change the Vendor ID from Dell (1028) to HP (103C) . Has anyone had similar problem and how did you solve it ? Also, is modifying vendor ID going to be enough to get around the HP 8760w's whitelist ? Thanks for answers in advance
  4. Nope, Optimus disabled, at least on my 8760w with IPS, not sure about ones with non-IPS panel. If you plan to use it on battery a lot, skip it.....i couldn't get past 2h of moderate use on battery
  5. Hi guys, new user here I was wondering if anyone has HP quadro K5000M VBIOS for 8760w (stock or OC, I have to blind flash a Dell K5000m from M6700 to work in my HP 8760w )? Thanks !
  6. oculus looks interesting, but I find it a biw expensive for my student pocket :/
  7. Hi forum fellows ! I'm from Slovenia (eu), looking forward to sharing and finding useful info on this forum
  8. had the same problem....lowered shadow quality and turned off fxaa antialiasing, but the biggest difference was fps_max 70 command. You can also limit it to higher, but in my case 70 was fine for smooth picture and constant lower gpu temps (60-70 °C ) . By lowering settings alone, you wont get around overheating problem, you will just get more fps with same gpu temps.
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