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  1. i could pay you with any way possible i have checked Alipay, unfortenly when i went to add my visa card; my country was not included in country list in billing address, so i messaged help centre of ALipay hope they can do somthing about that. about wechat i think i linked my account successfully with my visa card but no idea what to do to make a payment with it.
  2. Hello how much is difference in the price between the normal and Cabled version of adapter?
  3. could you give us a simple photo for the adapter please?
  4. i think he want to avoid customs in his country so he ask you to not put the right value in the package.
  5. hope you did well good luck next days
  6. Hi is there any news about the adapter its june
  7. i don't know exactly what you are searching for but anything will cut the cost i will help haha. found this may help you http://www.dgcking.com/product/PCI-Express-OCuLink-CONNECTOR.html http://www.dgcking.com/product/PCI-Express-OCuLink-Plug.html https://www.speedtech.com.tw/product/oculink/ http://www.jpcco.com/style/frame/m9/index_search.asp?customer_id=2503&lang=1&content_set=color_1&name_id=&Product_News_Search=&search=sff+8611 https://www.amphenol-icc.com/product-series/oculink.html/ https://www.molex.com/molex/search/deepSearch?pQuery=category%3A%22I%2FO%2BConnectors%22%40orientation%3A%22Right%2BAngle%22%40productname%3A%22Nano-Pitch%2BI%2FO%22 http://www.lotes.cc/en/product.php
  8. Hi i'm waiting for a used msi gtx 970 that i bought it from ebay so i need a simple adapter to make it work on my y510p with the lowest cost possible is that available and what is the price we talk about? if it is expensive i will go for selling my laptop and buying one of budget desktop around there
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