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  1. @svl7, you may find the original BIOS 09 which I already flashed on my host (because dell host has problems and I got it from a dev from forum community) Index of /~vlad.ichimescu/MOD/alienwarem14xr2 Visible modifications added: -uefi support and menu, simple metro red loading progress bar -problems waking from sleep (BSOD after pressing any button or UI)
  2. anyone should be able to do ANYTHING he wishes with HIS payed computer ! buy the software and do what you want - I'm MSDN registered and have access to any Microsoft product, I had an MacBook Pro late 2011, I sold it and bought an M14x R1 which broke after like 3 weeks (had problems from begining) and I upgraded to M14x R2 (great !) - Alienware M14x R2, 14.1inch 1600x900, Intel Core i7 3610QM 2.3Ghz, Optimus nVIDIA GT 650M 2GB GDDR5/128bit & Intel HD4000, 16GB DDR3 1600Mhz, 256GB SSD SATA3, Killer Wireless-N 1202, BD-ROM Matshita running Windows 8 Pro x64 with WMC and VMware Workstation 9 with Windows 8 Pro x86 with WMC, Windows 7 Ultimate SP1 x86, Windows XP Pro x86, OS X Mountain Lion 10.8.2 and Ubuntu Linux which is going to be installed when 12.10 is released; the sata 3 ssd and 16gb ddr3 makes my virtual machine work like native ! using this particular configuration for testing compatibility and developing on any platform... so Mehtaparth94 ? GO FOR IT ! (having an hdd is painfull, I tested... ssd and at least 8gb ram for virtual machine is like native) Disclaimer: I exposed the posibilities, no rule broken and it's every user's problem how he manage his licensing !
  3. it's kinda weird that they released two versions one after another by one day, however they have problems with the download servers and no information available about it yet... still, the Alienware have implemented the hardware bios recovery so anytime you do something wrong with the bios... to recover it: remove the power cord (mandatory), remove the battery (sometimes not necessary), plug in your usb with the bios on it in the USB 2.0 (the left usb, the one with power share), press and hold END while you plug in the power cord... some beeps for like 1minute and voila, the system is on... so ya, no problem testing bios here
  4. Alienware M14x R2 BIOS A04 14.08.2012
  5. as I understood: if you use the A08 official, this is ok to use latest official Intel driver for Sata Ahci but you're fixed to max at sata2, but if you use the A08 Sata mod for better speed, use the microsoft built-in driver because this doesn't limit to sata2 speed, this is sata3 workaround
  6. vladgi

    [Mod] Voltage increase Nvidia GT 555M

    what does slightly increased voltage ? +0.5 ? +0.3 ? can't see the difference: STOCK: 8.3-9.3, VOLTMOD&SATAfix: 8.3-9.3
  7. Having huge problems on Windows 8 x64 (have Microsoft developer account) using NVIDIA 306.23, even when starting the NVidia control panel I receive the popup: NVidia driver has stopped working - continuos until BSOD, reinstall drivers, reinstall windows, still the same (switch back and testing Windows 7 x64 SP1) I tested every driver on every OS and found a workaround for the 0x116 BSOD, the nvidia 7 error: the nvidia chipset is failing or is something wrong with it (lowering the freqs solves the problem but this sucks) - going to get this machine replaced, maybe even upgraded
  8. vladgi

    Who has an M11x?

    I've upgraded my M11x R1 to M14x R1 but my brother still have the M11x R1 (did pinmod and bios mod on both M11x)
  9. when you are on battery the refresh is set to 40Hz, may want to change that as well
  10. having the Windows 8 installed on M14x: Intel F6 drivers, Intel Chipset, ST DE351DL FreeFall Sensor R295907, Renesas USB3.0 2.1.36, Realtek R270, Synaptics Touchpad 15.2.20, nVIDIA 306.23, Alienware Command Center XTN7J and Alienware OSD R296022. perfect !
  11. restored the Alien feel to the M14x, thanks for your great work
  12. Although I sold my M11x and I don't support it anymore, maybe someone is interested in doing hardware mods, bios mods, installing OS X or any details: Index of /~vlad.ichimescu/MOD/alienwarem11x !: you may copy and redistribute this FREE as long as you give credits (my host tend to be unstable so make mirror, everything you need) - everything posted there is gathered, tested and fixed by me so 100% working
  13. vladgi

    [Mod] Voltage increase Nvidia GT 555M

    there is no explanation what the unlocked means

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