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  1. Sorry if this fix was posted by another member, but I didn't read every single post on here. Ok... I have the V2.07 5DEC40WW version of this unlocked BIOS. I have no idea what the 8.0x looks like, so I don't know if this will help those with it. I have been unsuccessful in my attempts of getting an external graphics card setup to work on my Y580, so I had to try changing some settings in my bios. Well, I changed the wrong one, and it resulted in disaster. I lost my display on the laptop, no vga out, and no HDMI output. So I ended up with a black screen on every option I could think of. I was kicking myself in the ass over killing my precious laptop! I could still hear windows boot up, so at least all hope was not lost. I actually took a picture of the bios window with my phone a couple days prior to this happening, and it saved me. I unplugged everything, turned it over it took out my drives, and battery. I flipped it back over, put the battery back in, plugged it back in, and pressed the power button, waited a few seconds and pressed f~2. I waited about 15 seconds, and pressed f~9 enter, and f~10 enter. The f2 takes me to my bios, f9 restores default settings, and f10 saves changes, and exits. My lappy rebooted when I pressed the final enter keystroke, and I crossed my fingers, and there it was...... My display was back!!!!!:love-struck: I hope this can help someone else in my predicament.
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