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  1. I cant disable dGPU, I cant see those options in menu - if I try to do it myself using "iport dGPU off" it does not work either Well I borowed that gtx card to test if I can make GDC Beast work with my laptop - I can so now I need to consider what card to choose. The problem with that is AMD or any other card can have other issues - eGPU setup is no joke, anyone who figured this shit out should be proud of him/herself
  2. Are you kidding me, what a bullshit. How to work with that, is there a workaround for this?
  3. I went to nvidia forums and it seems windows 10 is a mess and many people are reporting missing settings and other issues with the drivers and overall nvida software. Although no one reported similar problem to mine but it seems that it will take a while before they will fix all those issues.
  4. Hi I 'v spent already 5 days searching the web for solution but no luck. Missing Physx is common in Nvidia drivers and solution is to uninstall drivers but that does not work (I used DDU for both nvidia and AMD). I installed Physx separately, just in case it wasn't installed with nvidia installer - no go. Another thing is that this is eGPU so I wonder if this has something to do with it, but people seems to have physx without any problem. CUDA and Physx is not detected, it is not in GPU-Z and there is no Physx option in NVidia Control Panel. My setup Acer Spire 5551g Radeon Mobility HD 5650 Phenom II x3 8GB RAM I'm using windows 10 and eGPU GDC Beast connected through mPCI-e cable. My eGPU is gtx660ti and I have had error code 43 so I need to do video card init after boot for the card to work. Before bought GDC Beast I updated to windows 10 from 7. As for CUDA I have read somewhere that windows 10 nvidia drivers dont support CUDA because reasons but I have no idea why physx is not working. Any ideas and solutions are welcome Thx
  5. When the image gets mounted the files are in the mounted drive (if I'm not mistaken)
  6. You seem to know thing or two about setting this up and you obviously went through this painful process of gathering all the information to make it work. If I may ask did you ever found a post or any information about missing Physx. I have this problem where CUDA and Physx is not detected, it is not in GPU-Z and there is no Physx option in NVidia Control Panel. I never had any nvidia product but apparently this is common thing and solution is to reinstall drivers but that does not do anything. Since this is eGPU and not normal installation I wonder if this is yet another common obstacle that laptop owners need to overcome and if anybody have any solution or idea about it I would be grateful. BTW I updated to win10 recently and it might be problem there but I cant find any solution for it right now, should I just try older drivers for win7/8 instead?
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