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  1. Have you looked into something like unRaid? NAS alternative: My unRAID server build - RedFlagDeals.com Forums Isn't as demanding spec-wise. Doesn't require exact same drives to work properly. Doesn't need to rebuild the whole array when you want to add more space...
  2. I received it at the end of November 2012. I emailed them December 3rd. Opened paypal dispute December 27th (I figured 3 weeks was enough time to respond to an email...). Received an email from Randy the 1st of January (damn, that was quick!). Got everything sorted out by the 7th of January.
  3. I had the same issue with HIT a while back when I ordered my PE4L and it was defective... I sent them multiple emails saying I wanted to RMA it for a new one....nothing happened until I filed a paypal dispute. Pretty sure that company is way understaffed or just doesn't give a damn. Granted I did eventually get a working PE4L, but it shouldn't take that much time...
  4. Just my Dell U2711 at home for now...too poor to buy another... At work I use two though because that's what they gave me .
  5. So after some months I have finally been able to put together my eGpu setup and get it to function properly after a malfunctioning PE4L. Specs are as follows: HP Probook 6460b Core i3-2310M 2.1 GHz 16GB Ram 240GB SSD Intel HD3000 PNY 670GTX PE4L 2.1b 500W Thermaltake --> Will be trading for 750W Corsair Dell U2711 2560x1440 I must say that this setup is a dream once I finally got it working. I found out pretty early on that my spare thermaltake just doesn't have the grunt for high-powered applications and benchmarks (get nvlddmkm.sys error BSOD), so I ordered a Corsair 750W with 67A on a single rail to recitfy this issue. Once I get this new PSU I will see what kind of frames this baby can push. I know my CPU is probably a limiting factor, but to date it hasn't given me issues, so I don't see the need to upgrade as of yet. Would love to volunteer some time for benchmarks for you Nando once I get this 100% sorted out.
  6. Wondering if anybody's recently tried to contact HIT? I've tried sending them a few emails about my PE4L over the past few weeks with no response....
  7. PE4H is still only PCIe x1.0 compliant, PE4L allows a PCIe x2.0 link.
  8. You are correct, both ends of the cable are soldered onto the PCB's, so when you buy the PE4L, you have to know whether you want the expresscard, mpcie, or PCIE1x at the end.
  9. No it doesn't? From my understanding a PE4L is what allows 1.2 Optimus, whereas a PE4H does not (not yet anyways), so you get better results from a PE4L if your notebook will support it, which mine does... -> PE4H vs PE4L
  10. Alright, still having issues with my setup. When I have the PE4L plugged into power, the LED's (Power, Detect, PERST) will be on, but once I attach it to the GFX card, those LED's turn off, and the EVGA light on my card turns on. I have it set to SW1 - 3 - 6.9s, SW2 - 2-3, as that seems to be what it should be; I've tried switching them and rebooting, F5'ing in Setup 1.1, a whole whack of different combos, and still no dice. I know the expresscard slot works because when I plug devices into the USB slot on the PE4L, my computer detects them fine. It can't be the graphics card either because I recently tested it in a desktop and it worked fine...bogus PE4L?
  11. I'm using the PE4L which was the soldered on HDMI cable, not the PE4H that has the detachable cable. [EDIT] Maybe figuring out how I setup the PE4L would maybe help...I've tried searching on how others have done it...but still not sure. So I have my PSU plugged into my GFX card (8-pin and 6-pin) I have the 24-pin attached to the switch. There's a 2 pronged header that I assume doesn't get used? I have the PE4L attached to the GFX card. On the PE4L there are 2 switches, one for PERST delay, one for PCIE card. What do I set those to? Also, there's a little jumper on a 2-pronged head; I read somewhere you take that off if connected to a PSU. Do I need to have the PSU connected to the PE4L via floppy-molex connector? If somebody had pics, or know of where to find good pics on the full setup of one of these, I'd be totally grateful. Thanks [/EDIT]
  12. Don't think the PSU is the problem, provides 35A on the 12V rails, 500W. The card is rated for ~260W under load, so roughly 20A; there shouldn't be any issues.
  13. I can't install the driver if it my computer won't detect the eGPU?
  14. HP Probook 6460B Core i3 2310 @ 2.1ghz 4gb ram Intel HD 3000 Intel 335 240gb SSD I've been reading through the FAQ and searching around looking at how others set their's up. Going to keep plugging away at this to see if there's something I've missed, just wondering if there was something I didn't catch. The Setup 1.1 is a little confusing to me, but reading through the troubleshooting is making it make a little more sense. Thanks guys.
  15. So I finally got everything in for my setup. Plugged it all in, booted it all up, and no go. Not detecting anything. I have an HP Probook 6460B, and I believe I've seen a couple people successful in getting an eGPU to work with it. Running Windows 7 Ult 64-bit, 4gb ram. No TOLUD issues. Using a PE4L 2.1b and GTX580. What gives?
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