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  1. I can confirm this too
  2. Thanks, that worked! Next time I will use the mentioned function
  3. I am not a new user (I'm promoted) and if I click on the link for the vbios: https://www.techinferno.com/attachments/lenovo-ibm/6933d1365968131-y500-y400-sli-650m- It says "404 Not Found" Any Ideas? :/
  4. Am I the only one who cant download the modified vbios for the second graphic card? It just says error 404
  5. Aspire

    Y500/Y510P spring mod with spacer guide

    It isn't easy to handle, but I use liquid metal thermal compound... be aware, it conducts electricity!
  6. Aspire

    Y500/Y510P spring mod with spacer guide

    which thermal paste did you use?
  7. Between changing the display and the lvds-cabel (Display-cabel) there is another point that may matter. At first I changed both, the display and the lvds-cabel but the artifacts kept occurring o my screen. I also checked that my HDMI-output was good, so the error couldn't come from my graphiccards (650m sli). In my case, the problem was a kind of a potential-error. It seems that the electrical resistence between the the display and the frame (which is connected to the body) was to high. I fixed it with some aluminium foil. It must have been some kind of potential issue but the artifacts are gone ... I'm no pro, so please don't be rude if I made mistakes Problem came back, it was another thing The contacts of the lvds-cabel were oxidated. I used some contactspray and now everything is working propably
  8. Aspire

    What is your favorite tv-shows?

    Dexter + Southpark
  9. Aspire

    Y500/Y510P spring mod with spacer guide

    I just cut out some of the plastic under the grid on the lower side of my Y500 as mentioned above. It seems till now that my temperatures droped a few degrees with just a couple of minutes of work and not investing any money. I can clearly recommend this mod to anyone who can handle a file and a saw
  10. Aspire

    [SPOILERS] Star Wars: Force Awakens thoughts

    How can it be that such a movie is produced without realising that facts above? Nearly everybody has the same thoughts.... There was loud laughter in the cinema when "mini me vader" lifted his Mask I felt like every 5min somebody lifted his mask and a Sith-kind of Person like Kylo shouldn't have trouble with his anger management.... Conclusion: Not the worst movie I've seen, but not nearly what I expected
  11. Aspire

    Y500/Y510P spring mod with spacer guide

    Has anyone tried to use a thin layer of copper, steel, aluminium to degrease the gap between Heatsink and Vram?
  12. Aspire

    Post Your System

    Lenovo Y500 CPU Intel Core i7 3.gen. 3630QM / 2.4 GHz, Max. turbo 3.4 GHz RAM 8 GB ( 2 x 1 GB ) 1600 MHz / PC3-12800 Samsung 128GB SSD + 1TB HDD 2x NVIDIA GeForce GT 650M - 2 GB GDDR5 SDRAM Desktop: Intel Quad 2 P9550 @3.9Ghz Nvidia GTX 295 4GB DDR2 ...Old but runs fine
  13. Aspire


    There is a little, free Game called "Stranded" / "Stranded 2" in which you are stranded on an random isle with needs like water, food, sleep. you can build thing and go hunting, ....
  14. Aspire

    Y500 Disassembled (Pictures)

    You can find a full disassembly video here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dmVYvJhlhL8
  15. Aspire

    Raspberry Pi 2 runs free Windows 10

    It wont run a "normal" windows 10 but a cmd-based basic version that can run windows-scripts like .exe, ...

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