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  1. Dang, I wanted to download the latest mod but I guess these post to the off-topic topics won't count than. Ah well, I'll just try to contribute to something.
  2. Ben Howard - Bones. Nice song to relax to after an exam.
  3. Just saw Branded. A really strange movie with a message about how marketing corrupts the world. But I enjoyed it=) Red cows:0!
  4. Hi, My name is Benjamin and I am an W370ST owner. I love and hate this laptop. I love that I was a lot cheaper than most brand with the specs I have and the battery still lasts a long time. What I don't like is the fan that sounds like an aeroplane...but I read that the prema mod makes it a little less lound. After my 5 posts I will try it. The other downside is the HDMI and USB ports on the right side of the laptop that sometimes don't work. But overall I am happy and looking forward for the bios update.
  5. Hi, I have to W370ST. If I understand it properly I have to download the "W3xxST_33_32_Stock.rar (2.51 MB, 9 views)" one? It seems I have to post 5 times so I cannot download it yet but to make sure I have the right one. After flashing the bios, do I have to setup anything like RAM timing? Thank you in advance, I am very unexperienced in this area.
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