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  1. alienware m15x 970m upgrade with black screen, boots to windows with a black screen is there an unlocked bios that i need to make it work i don't know any help would be greatly appreciated thank you
  2. hey clem i'm new here and was wondering if you could unlock my 460m vbios for my m15x . its a dell original 460m original.zip thank you any help would be much appreciated
  3. hello am new here and need a way to flash my 7970m vbios to work on my m15x

    i tried a blind flash but it doesn't post so it doesn't work so if you don't have to help me i understand and would like to know which flash writer you use so i would be able to do it myself

    thank you

  4. hello svl7 i could really use your help with my 9XVK3 HD 7970m vbios issue . i know this is an old thread but i am in need of your services . i would like to send you this card so you could get working for m15x you can email me or pm me to let me know your price or is there a way to clear the bios to get it past post to blind flash either way if you could give me a price i would gladly send it if your willing to help someone in need thank you for your time.
  5. hello everyone does anyone have a dell m15x resource dvd. because when i download the drivers from dell it seems like my m15x runs very slow after installing them even on a ssd thank you
  6. hello SLV7 i have an m15x with a 6970m/6990m its supposed to a 6970m by dell hers the info from gpu-z when i run 3dmark benchmarks the gpu is identified as "6970m/6990m" and i dont know what that means because my other card were identified as 6970m or 6990m by itself. so here is the the original vbios . is there a way to have it run like a 6990m if not if you could unlock this vbios completey it would be much appreciated thank you Blackcomb 6970M BIOS.zip FLASHGEN.zip
  7. hello i'm new here and i was wondering if anyone has tried the r1 bios mod to raise the voltage on GT 335M to .95v i did and with a bigger power supply i'm able to play bf3 and bf4, but with bf4 sometimes it will glitch or slowdown . for the most part it works good but since day one from dell sometimes it will run slow after booting up and then if i reboot sometimes it will right but sometimes i have to reboot a couple of times . this one has su7300 cpu . does anyone else have this issue thank you
  8. hello everyone i'm new and just upgraded my m15x to the amd 6970m i have a question with the 150w adapter bf4 fps would dip to 33fps on lowest settings and it would stutter alot after playing about 10-15min. so i turned up the mem. clock to a 1000 and put a 240w psu now the game runs between 92-52 fps and seems like the stutter is minamil do you guys think will be fine or do i need to pull down the mem. clock thanks any help is appreciated
  9. @svl7 do you still have the cad file for heatsink or the heatsink shoot me a pm for the us $ your thinking for it this is awesome work
  10. hey SVL7 do you still have the heatsink i would like to acquire to make another or use that one shoot me a pm this is awesome work thanks
  11. hey everyone again i'm new here and trying to get a 7970m going on my m15x and when i received the unit it gave the error code for video card preventing post. is there anything that i can do to get past this or does it mean it's an expensive paper weight any help would be greatly appreciated thanks
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