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  1. First of all: THANKS to goalque! After installing OS X 10.11 over my beta it took a few minutes to get my eGPU running thanks to your script and the new NVIDIA web drivers. Although the OpenGL benchmark scores with Unigine Heaven were about 300 points lower than with 10.10.5, the result of Unigine Valley was almost the same. With LuxMark v2.1 / OpenCL the result was even higher due to the fact that the old D500 of my Mac scored about 16% better ;O) I haven’t tested that much with El Capitan as I currently have to finish a job (for which I’ll use Yosemite to be on the safe side) but there is one big difference from 10.10.5: I’m currently using 3 displays (Dell UP3214Q/UHD, LG 31MU97/4K, 27“ ACD), if all of the displays are connected either to the eGPU or the internal D500 everything is fine. As soon as not all monitors are connected to either eGPU or D500 I’m experiencing massive lags e.g. windows stuttering when moved, scrolling isn’t smooth etc. It’s definitely a lot better in Yosemite (where the Dell is connected to the D500 and the LG + ACD to the eGPU). @goalque I truly mean it: thanks a lot for your time and effort!
  2. Most important ———————- Thanks a lot to Dschijn and sedor for their invaluable help as well as for goalque’s script without which I would have never been able to get my eGPU working! HARDWARE —————— As I was aiming for a cost-effective solution to add GPU-power to my Mac Pro, as well as being more flexible concerning graphics cards, I used inexpensive, already tried and tested parts. Mac Pro 6,1 (Late 2013), 6-Core, AMD FirePro D500 MacBook Pro Retina (Mid 2012), i7 2,6 GHz, HD4000 / GT650M AKiTiO Thunder2 Cooler Master Elite 130 PCI-Express x16 cable Delock PCIe-Riser card x16 bequiet! 530W PSU I mainly used the same setup as sedor SOFTWARE —————— Currently OS X 10.10.4, latest NVIDIA Web Driver (346.02.02f03), CUDA (7.0.64) and most important - the SCRIPT of goalque to get the eGPU automatically installed. Comments ————— The 4K LG 31MU97 (SST) works perfectly with 4K/HiDPI @ 60 Hz The UHD Dell UP3214Q (MST) does NOT (only 30 Hz) - as often with OS X (only reliable way to make it work with 60 Hz is using Windows/drivers) I’m also using this eGPU with my old 15“ MacBook Pro Retina (Mid 2012, HD4000 / GT650M) with only Thunderbolt 1 and almost the same benchmark scores. While playing (most of the times with 3840x2160) I experience „hiccups“ / dropouts (more so with the MacBook than the Mac Pro). As the eGPU can be used with my Adobe Apps (currently primarily Photoshop and Lightroom, in the future Premiere Pro, After Effects as well) it’s very useful with my work. Next steps ————— I will now start reading all the great information in this forum in order to solve some of the problems I still have - maybe I should have done this prior to the build up of my eGPU ;o)… By checking the information I will surely get a clue if it makes sense trying to get the eGPU working with my old >Gigabyte R9 280X OC< and the >FirePro W7000< (I already have been told that AMD graphics cards aren’t that easy to use).
  3. Thanks for the info! Although I’m currently using mostly Photoshop CC / Lightroom CC I was planning to use Premiere Pro & After Effects as well in the near future. With PS / LR I already knew that I could use my eGPU, now I will benefit even more when using the other Adobe CC Apps as well. Have you made a test how much the performance will increase with the GTX 970 compared to the GT650M?
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