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  1. Sorry if I'm being daft but does your set up file work/resolve problems with bootcamp installed windows? I've read up on bios/EFI installs and it's way over my head. I plan to do a fresh bootcamp instal of 8.1 for my egpu. Many helps for a total noob much appreciated.
  2. Did you have to do anything software side to get this up and running? I have the same set up and want to go down this route. Appologies if if I am being daft.
  3. Ha, cheers for the words of encouragement! I only have steam on my windows partition so no worries if I have to wipe it. Only prob is the bios EFI or whatever mode... But if you installed on a 2012 machine I should be good too. What's your egpu?
  4. I'm happy to switch to 8.1 if it's easier... Anything I need to know reg install? What's the best way of going about it? I know nothing I'm afraid...
  5. I'm new and clueless, have the same MacBook as you so assume will have the same issues with windows. Currently running 64 bit 7, what steps do I need to take to make it egpu compatible? I have no idea what bios or EFI is either I'm afraid. Hope you can help.
  6. Possible stupid question, but I am new to anything tech, will this 1.3 set up work for a 2012 rmbp and 64 bit windows installed via regular bootcamp. Sorry, very new to this...
  7. Hi all, Very new to this and anything tech, hopefully I'm not posting in the wrong place, feel free to nuke if so... So... After reading all I can and hassling people extensively on reddit I have got close to what I think is an egpu I can get my head round and build. Bear in mind I didn't even know what a riser was before reading up on builds. Or a barrel plug. PCI I had heard of before... So so my parts list is: single fan 750ti card Akitio enclosure 120w PSU with correct plug. Im pretty confident they all just go together and work fine... So on to software... I installed 64 bit windows 7 a while back on my rmbp 2012 (650m) and have read something about needing EFI mode which is only from 2013 onwards. I am aware I am sounding like an idiot here. I've also read about some software by a user here that you can buy which might help? Basically I'm lost at this stage, reading all the guides only helps a certain amount as I have no real clue what I need to be checking/what instal I have so I hope someone much wiser than myself can point me in the right direction. Im aware I am clueless, but believe nothing's impossible with a bit of research and a friendly hand... I hope this post is ok. Apologies if not.
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