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  1. i would def put a switch or variable speed control on that.
  2. i have looked they are really hard to find but ebay will be your best bet.
  3. You will have to enable the BIOS flash to a lower verison in the BIOS startup. other then that you should be good. i run a 3.05 with the same 2 X gt 755m don't have any problems. do you have the nvidia update driver tool? if you installed the drivers did you go back to device manger and uninstall the ones that where there? if not try that before going to an older version also try going to Lenovo support sight and using the bridge tool and update the whole system...
  4. There is no really good place to get parts like that other then lenovo. the problem is that they discontuned ultrabay so you might want to call and talk to someone so you get the right item. also might want to try amazon i've had good luck there for many computer parts.
  5. So 2 weeks ago I'm watching a movie ...when my y510p goes crazy and overheated and crashed my hhd. Have had my y510p for 8 months and no problems. so i had ordered a new drive a 750GB hybrid drive but took to long to get it . so i bought a 500GB SSD . so much faster it only takes 7 seconds to boot with the password entered and all. I'm running i7 4th gen., 16GB ram, 500GB SSD hard drive, 128GB ssd M.2 NGFF (with my OS on it), 2X GT755M nvidia GUP's. Now all i need is a fast wifi card any thoughts?
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