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  1. Thanks, that's a lot of quality information! Do you think it is possible to put together a DIY EGPU for travel purposes? Out of the box thunderbolt solutions for GTX980 proposed on this forum are 3-4kg+ without a card. If there is a list of things I could put together to get gtx 980 running and close it in a case it would be awesome to hear it.
  2. I believe there is a line of defence on the vidock part about this particular thing Performance ([h=3]Concern#3: A Thunderbolt to ExpressCard Adapter should a bottleneck and thus the whole endeavor is futile)[/h] Since you are obviously more experienced in the topic, could you say if benchmarks below prove anything from what he states above ? ?
  3. All in all it weights less than the other setups with power supplies. But my q was about the performance.
  4. Should I anticipate a significant performance drop over the transition ? One thing which is appealing about the vidock is the integrated power supply
  5. From what I gather vidock nano will compromise the GTX980 because it needs Thunderbolt to ExpressCard adaptor. Am I right?
  6. Hi Guys I'm planning to put together a travel friendly egpu setup that could be connected to 2014 13" macbook pro. There is a lot of vidock ripoff talk here (thanks btw, that was what I originally wanted to buy), so I ended up in the void. Could you help me with proposing a setup for: - light weight - preferably with an integrated power source (if not integrated than portable one) - something that will take on GTX980 - something that can work well with macbook pro 13 retina internal screen ( don't care for mac os x, win 8/8.1 will suffice) Cheers, Peter
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