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  1. Tech Inferno Fan please help me with my problem http://forum.techinferno.com/diy-e-gpu-projects/2109-diy-egpu-experiences-%5Bversion-2-0%5D-494.html#post136362
  2. is there any help please :c i cant just keep playing and my egpu plugged to the TV
  3. Hi, i have problem with my eGPU it cant work with internal LCD i keep getting the error 43 and error 12 but when i run it with external LCD it work nice and i played bf4 and complete shadow of mordor game with it and the internal LCD shutdown by it self when the external is working i have EXP GDC Beast with GPU GTX 750 ti FTW my laptop is HP Pavilion Dv6-6c65sx Windows 8.1 pro with i7-2670QM and intel hd 3000 + AMD 7690M xt GPU the amd gpu is already dead and disabled by bios and 8gb ram the 43 error can dissapear if i disable and enable the egpu again but it wont work i can see Nvidia control panel when i click right on desktop ONLY when i use external LCD but not working with internal and also the GeForce Experiance cant detect gpu with internal LCD but the driver installer can detect it and everything is nice with external LCD but im using TV and my neck is hurts my :c the GPUz detect the eGPU but the normal core + mem clock is 0 and the default is normal to make the external LCD works with me i had to set bios setting to PCI vidio and enable something with PCI express Graphic setting i forgot what was it i hope some one can help me with this
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