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  1. As long as you have the m.2 slot you can use the module. You will have to extend the antenna connections to reach it. It's to the right of the ram slots
  2. Well I did that and tried the bios recovery but nothing has happened. All ports have been tried and so has each port with each of the different keys known to start the process. Im stumped. Any ideas before I try replacing the chips?
  3. guyfromthe50s

    Y510p Bios

    My y510p failed a bios update and is now bricked, it will not post. I thought about doing a chip replacement/reprogram but before I go and spend money I figured I would try the Insyde Bios Recovery. Everything would be well on its way except I do not have a copy of the bios bin or rom. That is stored away on my m.2 ssd which I can not access now. Does anyone have one they could send me or could create one to send? If so it would be very much appreciated.
  4. I also had this problem about 2 months ago, my networks would not automatically connect also. The problem was not the card but the drivers/windows. Although I use windows 10 TP it may be the same issue. What fixed it for me was one of two things I did, I went straight to Intel's website and downloaded their driver and installed it, I also just updated to the new windows 10 build, so I honestly I do not know for sure which did it but I would suggest updating the driver if possible. If that does not work then here is the list that pass Lenovo's whitelist: https://forums.lenovo.com/t5/Lenovo-P-Y-and-Z-series/WIFI-Cards-Compatibility-List-for-Lenovo-Y510P/td-p/1582308 Or you could just remove the whitelist with the bios mod on here
  5. The cables arent that fragile, their connectors are though. I do not have that one but I have dealt with those cables before and was not happy about it. I bought the PE4C v2.1 with the PM100C cable. Hmmm I start working on it then. Thank you and you as well!
  6. That is only possible with an nvidia card, I have an amd so I use a tv I never used in my room. I think with nvidia cards its automatic though i couldn't say for sure. You're very welcome and I will provide pictures, possibly a guide? Still thinkin on that. Yes, any laptop that uses a mPCIe slot or an expresscard. Theres three different connectors, mPCIe, expresscard and a x4 PCIe which Im not sure why someone would use that. I do have the sli setup with 755m's though Ive been kinda forgetful and haven't tested if I works while its enabled or even connected to the laptop, sorryy.
  7. As loki said, a usb wifi adapter, or if you have another laptop that no one uses you could bridge the wireless and the ethernet on that laptop and connect it to the egpu laptop. Thats my setup, not the prettiest or neatest but I plan on organizing it more than what it currently is. As for the price, The egpu adapter, PCIe to mPCIe costs about $50 to $60 USD. That depends if you get the banggood version, or the bplus one. I have the bplus version. The only bad thing I can say about it is that they made the glossy side on the bottom instead of the top.The PSU I bought was a refurbished EVGA 500w for $30 USD. Now, the GPU I bought was a used 280x by Diamond for $160. I would recommend either getting the 280x now or wait for the 380x, The 280x is cheaper and faster than the 380, the only reason you should get the 380 is if you REALLY need that 1 extra gigabyte of vram. You technically do not need a case since the bplus adapter comes with a stand and mounts for the gpu, you would be better off making your own case unless you want to pay $30 more for the higher tier adapter and another $60 for its case. Total: $270+ Im sorry for making you read so much haha I disabled the dgpu in device manager but then noticed it was still being used sometimes so I uninstalled the driver for it. I did have to go into the bios and change the igpu from "auto" to "enabled". I noticed overclocking the 750 or 755 only added around 4-6 fps, that didn't stop me from doing it but still. I got a bad overclocking 280x, if I do anything above 1075 Mhz it crashes and resets. It may be the windows 10 messing with the driver or the egpu setup but I was hoping for more :/
  8. If you are meaning what is an "egpu" it just means external gpu. Laptops have an internal gpu or igpu. They also have a mini PCIe or mPCIe slot, used for wifi. Its just the laptops version of a x1 PCIe slot, so using, and an adapter, this we can connect a desktop gpu externally, an egpu. It should, there is nothing stopping it, except a whitelist, but once removed everything should work just fine.
  9. Yes actually I just got the gpu yesterday. Had a change of plans, Im now using an R9 280x. It works surprisingly well. Connected it, installed the amd driver and that was it. I have no troubles what so ever. I did have to disable the internal 755m because games would automatically choose it instead. I have not tried it with the second 755m yet so Ill have to see later today.
  10. The vbios from the Lenovo website should work. It will not be detected unless any vbios for it is installed. I bought the ultrabay from ebay and it wasn't detected until I installed the bios. I believe any version will get it running.
  11. It has been done before but the opposite. Someone on here had a 750m internal and paired it with a 755m ultrabay. The tricky part is he changed the ID of the ultrabay and installed the vbios of the 750m instead of the 755m vbios. To change the ID you must be decent or better at SMD soldering. I'll tag you in the post if you're interested.
  12. Will do, it'll be around two weeks though. Stupid shipping.
  13. I don't believe it would effect performance. When the egpu is used, for gaming at full screen, all of the game rendering is sent to the display directly connected with a displayport or hdmi. The internal display would be at the desktop during that time or just turned off. Though having a second display shinning at me while gaming would be distracting so I would make the external monitor the only display. Instead of disconnecting and reconnecting the display could a hdmi or displayport hub switch be used? You're welcome.
  14. No one has posted such a thing with the y510p anywhere I can see. Which is why I am being the guinea pig and testing this out myself. I see no reason why it would not work once the white list is removed with the modded bios on here. Since I don't want it to be a total waste of money I'll be using the $50 cheaper PE4C adapter to mPCIe with a 970. Once I have received all of the components I'll test it and get back to you on it.
  15. The 750m is better for gaming as it is a GeForce card, while the k3000m is a Quadro. (Correct me if I'm wrong) You're most likely asking this in terms of gaming so choose the 750m.
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