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  1. Hi. Old post, but I'll try anyways. I've flashed my FirePro M8900 with a bios with wrong ID, and the card is no longer detected by ATIFlash. Is there any way to get hold of pre-flashed bios chips?
  2. Hi. I have been stupid enough to flash my MXM card with a bios with the wrong ID. I'm not sure why this happened as i modified a allready working 6990M bios and only turned down the core clock from 715 to 680. Somehow doing this changed the ID and I now have ATIFlash stating "no adapter found". I've read a article made by a user on this forum by the username svl7 - Recovering a notebook GPU from a bad flash Hopefyllu this user is still active as I would really want to know what programmer he used, and where he got it. Or let me buy a working chip with the M8900 680/900 Hynix bios on it. Also read some post about shorting Pin 1 to 8 to bypass the flashchip, but that did not work. May be this is just for desktop cards. Really hope @svl7 sees this or maybe someone who knows him can relay this message. In advanced, thanks! Best regards Liquidqtip, the dude running on Intel HD3000 because of stupidity...
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