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  1. Hello Oleh, I purchased the BIOS you posted on Rghost(no_boost_970MHz) and tested it on my 17r 7720(3610QM). It works great without any problems(no brick after unplugging the power as well). Thank you so much! And I would like to ask if you can modify it to change the boost frequency into a larger one(e.g. 1050 or 1099 Mhz)? I've tested 1100Mhz for 3D Mark 11(using MSI Afterburner) and it works fine. I dont know if it is safe to set the maximum boost frequency for 1100Mhz? Thank you again for your excellent work! ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ EDIT:My 7720 also got BRICKED after removing the battery and PSU...Now I got only black screen and the power light, no access to the BIOS even. Maybe my BIOS just got bricked. Could you please give me some instructions on restoring the BIOS? ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Edit 2 :I got no solution but sent it back to for warranty again... And after nearly one month they sent it back with a laptop whose dedicated graphic card cannot be detected...
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