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  1. Hello my current setup is: - Macbook Air 2012 with Windows 7 Ultimate in BIOS Mode - Akitio thunder2 Expansion Chassis - GTX 960 Phantom connected to an external Monitor through HDMI I'm currently using it with the DIY Egpu setup 1.20 and didn't have any trouble so far. Now I want to connect my Belkin Thunderbolt Dock (The old one with Thunderbolt 1). If I connect the MBA directely to the Dock it works fine. If I connect the MBA to the Egpu it works fine. If I connect the MBA to the Egpu and the Dock it doesn't work anymore. The DiY Setup still recognizes the Egpu but as soon as I run the Pci Compaction, it stucks at the first line saying : Found 5 external control methods, reparsing for new information. After about 3-4 min the MBA shuts down and restarts. So I only get this error when the Dock and the Egpu are connected. I tried already to Hotplug, but it didn't work. Does anyone of you got any idea? /Llama
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