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  1. hey man, not sure if you are still active here or not. if you do, can you elaborate on point 2? how much did you lower CPU cache and make adjustment to dynamic voltage? I looked at XTU but not sure which option to set.
  2. I see. Thanks for the quick response. Reading the note I thought it is interchangeable for my laptop: 'OC edition' -> unlocked overclocking limits, voltage adjustable, power target adjustable, optimized performance at higher clocks Can be used for all current 880m (Clevo, MSI and Dell). Is there an "OC edition"MSI vBIOS around somewhere?
  3. 1. What the model laptop? MSI GT60 2PC 2. What the mod vbios you flashed? GTX 870M OC edition by svl7 3. Try flash your stock vbios, then check if you get the same issues with stock vbios? no issue with stock vbios, only with modded vbios Thanks for being so quick man!
  4. hey guys, I flashed my GTX 870M with the modded vBIOS. The driver can be installed with modded INF and driver enforcement disabled. However I did come into an odd issue: 1. Games on the internal screen will always use the onboard Intel graphics even though I set it to NVIDIA high performance in NVIDIA control panel. External monitor runs fine though. 2. If I plug in the external monitor and turn on the laptop, then the internal screen will be ignored completely and only the external recognized. If I want to use both screens, then I have to unplug the HDMI cable on start up, wait for the internal screen to turn on with the boot logo first. Only then can both screens be seen and used. Did anyone come to similar issues and found a fix?
  5. correct link here: http://www.geforce.com/hardware/10series/gears-of-war-4-bundle but its the windows store version though
  6. i used this one a year ago and it allows you to set up a custom wifi name to anything you like: http://www.tp-link.com/en/products/details/cat-10_TL-WA850RE.html
  7. awesome! i will do it and let you guys know edit: i went back to stock A11 and flashed A11 Unlocked without any problem. Great work as usual svl7
  8. hey svl7! hows it going? Right now I'm on A13 BIOS and using Wins 8.1. Is it okay to revert back to A05 like you instructed then go up to A11 and proceed to unlocked A11?
  9. hey Svl7, did you find the time needed to look into the newer vBIOS version some of us posted back in Summer yet?
  10. It is a newer version but the great thing is it can be installed on a R3 too! That was what I did on my R3 before selling it for the R4
  11. I'm using it on my R4 right now! So you should be fine.
  12. not unless you use it to flash the system bios. otherwise at worst you just have to pull out the GPU and your system should be able to boot as usual.
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