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  1. There is nothing precious on the hard drive, I will just wipe it and start again rather than try to convert but thanks for the warning
  2. ok, I think I'll do that instead of messing around with EFI mode (which seems to be pot luck on if it'll boot)
  3. For the Win10 side of things, once it is all setup - what is the boot sequence like? I've got an EFI install of Windows 10 that works 'sometimes'. If putting it into MBR / legacy BIOS mode and using Setup 1.20 (or 1.30) will let me boot reliably then I'd love to do that instead.
  4. Do you have to do the repair / auto repair dance every time you power the system up? I've got exactly the same hardware and can't get it to reliably start up in Win10. edit; It turned out my issue was that the DA-2 wasn't securely connected to the 2x6PCIE power splitter, so the card wasn't getting enough power. Seems to be boot reliably now.
  5. ah, I do need DX11 support. I'm using a 2012 Macbook Pro Retina. I'm confident I'll get Windows 10 working properly, just not had chance to really set enough time aside for sorting it. I do have to run Win 10 - I don't have a licence for 8.1. Windows 10 should work ok though.
  6. I wonder if this could be used to pass through to Windows. My eGPU is working fine in OS X but not in Windows 10 - if I could use Parallels then that might be a way of getting things working in Win10.
  7. I can't see it say either in Device Manager, though looking at the partition layout I've got a 350MB FAT232 boot partition and then the rest is the NTFS partition that holds C:/. That doesn't look like what I think a layout for an EFI install should look like. I'm running Windows from an external SSD connected via USB, I had to manually create the layout and followed this; BleepToBleep: Mac: Install Windows 7 or 8 on an external USB3 or Thunderbolt drive without using bootcamp Looks like I need to start over and ensure it's done in EFI mode, or should I install Setup 1.2 to correct this? Does EFI mode hold other benefits.
  8. ok, I've done some investigating. If I have the TB cable plugged into the 'top' TB port on the Thunder 2, I get the GTX970's BIOS on the external screen followed by the Win10 boot animation (internal screen is frozen at this point). The login screen then appears on the internal screen and the external one goes blank. Once in Windows, I get Code 35 as shown above. If I move the TB cable into the bottom port, the external screen does not display the GTX970 BIOS. The Win10 boot animation displays on the internal screen, and then once in Device Manager I get Code 12 on the GTX970 and an HDMI Audio device.
  9. MacBook Pro (Retina, Mid 2012), i7, 16GB. Windows 10 on USB 3.0 SSD. KFA2 GTX 970, Dell DA-2 (barrel mod), AKiTio Thunder2. Setup works fine in OS X, but in Windows I get; "Your computer's system firmware does not include enough information to properly configure and use this device. To use this device, contact your computer manufacturer to obtain a firmware or BIOS update. (Code 35)" This is after installing the NVIDIA drivers. Any suggestions of what to look into / check / do?
  10. With the GTX970, the fans spin up and with the HD6450 in there, the heatsink gets warm. So it seems like it is all getting power. Just can't detect it
  11. This is the thunderbolt cable I'm using Album It IDs as Cable Firmware Version: 1.0.16 Cable Serial Number: C4M438401K9BX28B6 Link Controller Firmware Version: 0.14.0 Do you think it's worth buying an Apple one?
  12. Powerwise, like this; http://i.imgur.com/T6bO3HL.jpg
  13. I did try with an ATX PSU with the GTX970. I now have an Asus HD6450 in the enclosure, powering it all off the AKiTio supplied PSU as this card has no PCIe power connectors on it. It is connected to my MBPr 2012, and the green and blue LEDs are lit constantly.
  14. I've now tried two different host systems, two PSUs and just now tried a really low power HD6450 and powered the whole thing of the AKiTio PSU.
  15. I have just tried the script on a 2012 Mac Mini. I got the same result. Also tried just using the AKiTio PSU and a low power HD6450. That doesn't work either. Is my AKiTio Thunder 2 faulty
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