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  1. Hello, i have barebone laptop MS-16F3. I buy this from computer seller company with brand name Forsa. I think this company just import this laptop and rebrand it. The real name is Rabook Firebook F640. Okay, i want to ask, can i update my BIOS Laptop with MSI GT60 BIOS? Because i can use the driver for MSI GT60. Sorry for the bad english, thanks for respond
  2. Well you should buy new laptop, with upgrade-able component
  3. Wow that's great man. Maybe i want to try with my laptop death battery. Thanks for sharing
  4. Hmm my M15X have this problem too. I already tried many way to fix the problem, but no success. Finally Dell change the whole board and it work. The technician said it was the failure on the board. I think you should claim warranty to Dell. There is a guy in youtube that can reflash/reprogram the chip so that alienware light can light up again but i forgot his name hehehe
  5. Well, this amazing. I'm looking for fermi chip vbios mod. MSI GTX 675M