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  1. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=emlP2o41Qxw endless chilling
  2. Family guy South Park Got Vikings Davinci's Deamons Breaking Bad One Piece ...So far.
  3. Winter Sleep - It was not boring. I can say that at least.
  4. I highly recommend my cooler. Its model name is nc2000. Zalman product. Full aluminium surface. It is decreasing heat more than 10 degree for a long run.
  5. Dota. Tinker most likely.
  6. S5 EP08 the last ep. was another thing... I must read the books
  7. macuka

    Witcher 3

    It gives you open world feeling very well. No loading screen atall even you entring to the dungeons or caves or inhouses. Very big and optional quests. This game is totally far more better than every other single player rpg game i have ever played.
  8. Monster "Clevo bareboneé i7 3630qm gtx 680m 500 gb HDD 80 GB intel MSATA ssd 8*1 gb 1600 mhz ddr3 FULL HD 1920*1080
  9. macuka

    Favorite MMO?

    Dota for years and years.
  10. macuka

    Witcher 3

    Never played first two but this one is awsome. My gpu (gtx 680m) have not enough power to play at fullhd resolution. Oc is only solution it seems!! With +135 mhz Nvidia inspector oc it is stable at 30 fps at medium settings.
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