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  1. Thats why: SteamOS Even we can build own consoles with this new thing: SteamOS And there is steam machines start from 399$ to over 5000$: Steam Machines And what i mean there... Steam already rules pc gaming right now and microsoft scare about it. But no way to microsoft can pass steam with this mentality. Long live Lord Gaben
  2. Best survival games right now: Rust - Rust on Steam PvP, Crafting, Good mechanics after 1.5 years beta stage Reign of Kings - Reign Of Kings on Steam Old age fantasy not so old like Rust Life is Feudal: Your Own - Life is Feudal: Your Own on Steam Very social and real life simulation Medieval Engineers - Medieval Engineers on Steam Build and defend or attacks thats whats goin on in this game
  3. Same thing happens for me at playing Rift. Seenlike other players causes lag, its also called Frametime. You can check it with afterburner. Afterburner>settings>monitoring>frametime
  4. woooow... thats what i wanted... all in one post. hell yeah!
  5. hello, im newbie there but i can see cool forum and good guys here.
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