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  1. Not german unfortunately. Just got those links a while back when Morv was helping me pickup parts to make a barrel plug (back when i didn't know if i should get a riser or barrel plug). I see that site sends to Norway, but I'm not really good with soldiering. Whats the benefit of using that compared to using a molex male -> 2 female splitter, and just use two black and two yellow wires from the female into delock dc adapter. Since thats how the x2 molex to 6pin pci-e cables are used.
  2. Anyone played witcher 3 with eGPU? How does it run, saw it was a patch today which should improve fps a bit - - - Updated - - - Chill dude. I was just asking, i dont have a lot of knowledge about this stuff, so thats why I am asking. Isn't that what this forum is for? Also i dont get why your typing "maybe i know what I'm typing about". I have never quoted or asked you, i was asking a general question about risers. So calm down and breath. - - - Updated - - - Thank you Dschijn, will skip the riser then. Just thought risers was bad because of the aesthetics. But thank you for explaining. Will order this instead Delock Adapter DC 2,5 x 5,5 mm Stecker Terminalblock # 65487 | eBay DeLock Y Kabel Stromversorgung 2x Molex 4 Pin 82100 | eBay And make a barrel plug and plug into the PSU, hope thats safer
  3. What's the downside of using a riser? Just that gpu is outside case? My plan was to go for the galax gtx970 since its small enough to fit. But it's gone here in Norway. Only full sized cards. So my plan was to use a riser and put the card on top off the Akitio. Then dremel a hole in the Akitio case so that the riser cable can come out and reach the card on the top. Only thing is if I'm wondering if the riser is long enough to reach the top. The gtx970 I ordered has a backplate so should be fine that it's sitting on top. Also thanks for reminding about the psu. Ordered a 24 pin adapter to start it - - - Updated - - - Lol sorry late 2013. But my 8ball says also that Apple will update the rmbp when skylake hits. On a side note I totally agree with what you said about the usage of egpu. Portability and gaming when I'm home
  4. Hey Guys Just was thinking today if I'm missing anything. I have the following stuff on order atm Akitio Thunder2 Powered riser (the one Dschijn have remmonceded from eBay.de) RM650 PSU GTX 970 Thunderbolt 2 Cable. Anything I'm missing? ----------------------------------------- Already installed Windows 8.1 I was planning on using the internal LCD for gaming, since i dont have a monitor. Am i right in amusing i do the following when i get all everything? - Connect it during chime - Install drivers - Reboot into OSX, do the optimus internal LCD guide posted here on the forum - Reboot, hold alt, select EFI boot, optimus should now be enabled? Sounds easy enough, will probably not be as easy though. Have a 15" Macbook Pro Retina late 2015, iGPU only. Also, do you think the GTX 980TI will work flawlessly when it comes out?
  5. Just wanna express my happiness. Just got a Retina Macbook Pro Late 2013, with upgraded 16gb ram, for 9500 NOK. To put it in perspective, a new macbook pro retina 13" 2015 model cost 12500 NOK. And a brand new 2014 15" retina macbook pro cost 20 000 NOK. It was from a bankrupt sale. In pristine condition. Even the battery has almost no wear on it. Have ordered the akitio box also now and a gtx 970. So soon i will join the club.
  6. I see that under the "eGPU candidate system list" it lists the broadwell rMBP and airs as compatible. Now yesterday it was told that the 2015 models don't work with eGPU's, shouldn't it be updated to list as non compatible, ateast until we get confirmation from a experienced eGPU user.
  7. Oh wow, didnt know that. Sucks if Apple has blocked the option of thunderbolt GPU's in the new Retina Macbooks. Future is bleak On another note on dual core vs quad core. It seems there isnt that a big peformance hit Allthough this is campaign and not MP. But ofcourse quad core will always be better. Really glad i read your post, i was going to buy the 13" or 15" tomorrow. But if it doesnt work with eGPU im really glad i read this first
  8. Thanks for helping me decide guys, seems it is a no brainer. I dont realy need a portable computer so since the price is so good on the pristine rMBP 2013 top specced model, i think i will go for that
  9. Guys Need help deciding. I can get a late 2013 top specced 15" macbook pro retina for almost the same price as a new 2015 13" retina macbook pro. Now my gut tells me i want the new 13". Because of battery life, force touch, and faster SSD storage. But on the other hand, the 15" has a faster CPU. Now the questions comes, when it comes to gaming and a egpu setup. How much difference will the quad core i7 do against the i5 dual core in the 13" retina. If i get much higher fps im leaning towards the 15".
  10. Thanks Dschijn. Yeah ur right, i have seen molex to pci-e 6pin before, and they indeed use two molex connectors. Delock Adapter DC 2 5 x 5 5 mm Male Terminal Block 2 Pin Pitch 5 0 Mm | eBay The .de ebay link didnt sent to Norway, found this in ireland with the same itemnumber (65487) Also found a molex 4pin ysplitter here in Norway. So i guess im good then
  11. Thanks alot Morv. If i understand correctly i cut off the molex female adapters (two). And use two yellow wires and two black wires into the dc adapter. Do i twin them together, if you understand. So that i use two yellow wires together into + on the dc connector and two black wires into - on the dc connector. My question then is why do i need to use two cables, cant i use a single molex wire, not with two blacks and yellow, so that i have 1 black and yellow cable into the dc's (- and +). Sorry for asking if this is very basic, im just clueless about stuff like this.
  12. Damn, thanks for your heads up. they look very similar indeed. I know People have mentioned Radioshack etc, but i really need to find a barrel molex adapter that Works. Since i live in a part of the world where Radioshack or any other hardware stores dont exist. So, if someone know a cable that Works 100%, please let me know Pref ebay or a website that ships to EU. Found this; http://www.ebay.com/itm/4pin-Male-Molex-connector-To-DC-male-connector-/231044887235?pt=LH_DefaultDomain_0&hash=item35cb5932c3 (but again have no idea) I guess if the one i ordered wont fit, i will just order a powered riser, but that really doesnt fit with my build, since my plan was to use a galax card that fits inside the akitio enclosure.
  13. I bought this today with the akitio box and gpu, hope i ordered the right one 4pin IDE Male to DC 5 5mm x 2 5mm Male Converter Adapter Power Supply Cable 12V | eBay I havnt found other places then ebay to buy them
  14. Thanks Dschijn. You just answered another question i had aswell (about eGPU and the internal display). Really appreciate you helping me the last couple of days. Learning alot. Cant wait to get all my parts. Getting impatient already Decided on the monitor now aswell, will go for a 34um65, think the resolution will go well with a gtx970. Alternative is the 34um95, but the resolution is to much for a single gtx970 i think Again, thank you and have a nice weekend
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