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  1. Eurocom has a 10% discount going on now, yes even if your not a student, they will pretty much apply it to any build this Spring I believe. Search slickdeals for it...
  2. 965 isn't bottom of the line, unless you mean bottom of the 900 series, and even then it has 20-30% gains over the 960 (really an 860) so I wouldn't worry. BTW I picked up the 157sm-a for 800 or so in the states from EUROCOM recently, not to bang heads again RJTECH they are great too.
  3. Well thank you for the link! Yea its aftermarket, had to have it replaced because i spilt something sticky on the keyboard. Its an update keyboard where they finally switched the fn over to the left (stock p157sm-a is on the right) so I would have to switch them physically. Does anybody know of a good guide for the removal of keys and/or those stupid white hinges that are impossible to fix once you tear them off? Again thanks for the link, downloading the version you linked now. If it doesn't work with the stock bios (unsure) I will do the xx flash with the latest ec as I assume you linked the latest. Is there a reason everybody uses the asian servers when downloading btw?
  4. Perma I could use some help regarding a new system build I just recieved from Eurocom (the x3 r2 e.g the p157sm-a). I saw what a great resource this forum as well as NBR forum are, and I will begin the great journey to OC various systems, installing more ram, cateloging my sensors to make sure heat is good, ect, but first I need to get your bios installed. I don't have five posts to get the latests from this thread (it seems your website is not updated as much as this subthread) but I'm sure I'll get there soon. My question was when I grabbed what I could off of your great website, and flashed the Perma bios (used usb key, followed instructions to a T in the video + readme, ect) I completely lost backlight support for my keyboard. Now I tried just about every build of the Hotkey app (the latest 8.0.5 or whatever, and the one that actually has good UI 1.15.15) and I've been getting those from either the sager driver site for the 8258 - see here http://www.sagernotebook.com/drivers.php?cat=589, or the Clevo website - http://www.clevo.com.tw/EN/E-SERVICES/download/ftpOut.asp?Lmodel=P1xxSM&ltype=9&submit=+GO+ Changing the hotkey app did not work, the only thing that reactivates the keyboard is to reflash what you have available for stock from your website. Now I'm not sure which has the best drivers (clevo or sager), also I am running 8.1 pro x64 if that matters. Now I'm not sure what the EC does versus the bios, or if this is a quote on quote "EC" issue, but I thought last night what I needed was the "EC" from the stock bios+ec with your bios, but I don't know. It's interested because I did not have this issue until I replaced my keyboard after spilling beer on it in the first week. I have now, the updated keyboard (shipped out by Eurocom) with the moved FN key to the windows key (which is great except I haven't found a workaround to swap them other than to macro it, and I am too afraid to remove the key and swap those two). Your bios, when I used it, had a function to switch those two keys but it did not work as intended. Let me know if you need more information sir, I really don't know what I'm doing (noob to software, drivers, ect) but I eagerly await any and all responses from the community. Cheers So I am reverting back to stock bios + ec for the time being. Can't not have the backlight working. One question, when installing the LED cable on the keyboard, is there a right side up for the ribbon cable? Either way flashing back to stock + 1.15.15 hotkey works for me. Any solutions, as I would love to run your bios modification! As well I will mention that since I'm running the new keyboard with the moved fn key, is there a work-around to modify that? Cheers, and thanks for any help!
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