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  1. I have now built a desktop computer and not going to be using eGPU setup anymore. Overall I recommend going eGPU route if someone has a laptop already as a temporary solution and wants to game with decent settings and frame rates before being able to afford a decent computer. This is not a permanent solution for gaming because of mPCIE bandwidth limitations and few annoying things in usage, like problems with Optimus (only works on Win10, but on Win10 can not use dGPU as PhysX processor), performance issues while loading game into GPU. Desktop PC using 980 TI is pushing around 30%-50% more FPS than eGPU setup (some games even 100%). My desktop build: CASE: In Win 707 Full Tower MB: Asus Z170 PRO GAMING CPU: Intel Core i7-6700K @ 4.6Ghz RAM: Kingston 8GB DDR4/FURY HyperX 2133Mhz CPU COOLER: Enermax LiqMax II 240 Universal CPU Liquid Cooler Parts reused from eGPU setup: GPU: GAINWARD GeForce GTX 980 Ti Reference Cooler Model @ 1460Mhz PSU: 750W ATX Corsair CX750M MONITOR: Asus LED VS247HR 23.6'' wide, Full HD, 2ms, DVI, HDMI, black SYSTEM SSD: Kingston Digital HyperX FURY 120GB SSD SATA 3 2.5 HDD: 750 GB SATA 2.5 The system is able to run most games maximum settings @ 1440p 60FPS.
  2. Hi, I can only comment on these: install desktop version of GeForce 900 series driver (which uninstalled dGPU driver) - done //////ok restarted Windows, but with BSOD, so I removed eGPU, started up again and disable dGPU, shut down and then connected eGPU and started Windows with no BSOD done i dont know why you are disabling and renabling the BSOD because iam not getting any Error with them. //////I only get BSOD on Win 7, I have not tried windows 8.1, but there is not BSOD on Windows 10 (dGPU is just auto disabling after few seconds of use, but it shows fine in device manager at all times) connected monitor to eGPU - should it be the whole time unplugged and then Plug / When should i plug him when iam in windows at boot ? or when u mean that ? ////// I connect monitor to eGPU before I turn on the laptop, when I turn on the laptop in Windows 10 my external monitor turns on only when Windows is fully booted and read to insert the password, while Windows boots only laptop display is active. when I am using eGPU in Windows display settings I disable laptops internal display and enable only external monitor (my laptop display is turned off) - that's mean you are in windows and u can duel Screen but you disable the Laptop screen from windows setting or the gtx setting right ? so you dont turn it off from DIY eGPU or something like that ? ////// yes, when I log into windows and go into display settings I see 2 displays detected. As for the solution to your problem - I dont know, I am not a guru myself, I would be stuck like yourself. I also used HDMI cable and it worked fine, I also tried DVI cable, also worked. To me it seems that your eGPU is not fully detected by Windows. I never used any jumpers for PSU, I only connected that big 24 pin cable to Beast adapter via adapter cable that was included. Sorry I cant be of more help.
  3. Does PSU fan spin when you turn on your hardware? I saw in picture, that GPU fans are spinning, so Im know they are.
  4. I think I see your mistake (see attached picture). you must not power GPU from BEAST, instead you power GPU directly from PSU using PCI-E 6/8 pin connectors accordingly. Imgur: The most awesome images on the Internet
  5. Hi, I did not have any problems with PhysX not on W7 not on W10 (right after upgrade with W10 preinstalled Nvidia drivers nor with the latest Nvidia drivers). I have options in Nvidia control panel. I dont know what is the cause in your case. I have a problem chosing dGPU as PhysX processor though in W10, I could do this with W7. I ran W7 like this: Optimus: NO PhysX: dGPU GT 730M W10: Optimus: YES PhysX: eGPU GTX 980 TI The problem with W10 is that dGPU is being turned off after 3 seconds of usage, I dont know how to fix it. So Im using dual boot system, I can boot into W7 if I need to play a game with PhysX and for everything else I use W10.
  6. Hello, My question is - how do I forbid Optimus turning off dGPU or disable Optimus at all (I have no graphics options in BIOS)? Yesterday I upgraded to Windows 10 and installed Nvidia Driver for Windows 10. Everything seems to be the same as on Windows 7, both dGPU and eGPU (and ofcurse iGPU) are showing up in Device Manager and no hardware problems are present. But, when I try to set dGPU as PhysX processor - it does not let me, when I try to set dGPU as PhysX processor it switches back to eGPU automatically. I think the cause of the problem is that on Windows 7 I had Optimus disabled. But on Windows 10 I have Optimus enabled and I did not find a way to disable it to rule Optimus as possible cause of the problem. I can confirm that dGPU is only briefly turning on when it is being accessed (like when I want to see info in MSI Afterburner, or when I want to see driver details, or when I scan for new hardware) and then powering off after 2-3 seconds.
  7. As I wrote, when I compare performance with desktop computer with GTX 980 TI I see that my setup is around 30% slower in games than desktop computer with proper CPU. So for example if you find on youtube a performance test for a game for example: with same settings on my setup I get ~50 FPS, not 70 as you can see in benchmark. Same applies for GTX 970 and GTX 980 TI. I get 30% slower performance. Than desktop computer with those GPUs. I get better 10-20 FPS better performance with GTX 980 TI compared with GTX 970 on same games so same game - Witcher 3 ran 30-40 FPS in same area with GTX 970. But when you compare the price - GTX 980 TI is twice the price of GTX 970 - you have to decide is it worth your money? If you are addicted gamer, then probably it is worth it. Personally I upgraded to GTX 980 TI only because of 6GB of VRAM, it helps in games like: Shadow Of Mordor, Batman Arkham Knight, Lords Of Fallen when you play on maximum texture details. 970 not only was 10-20 FPS slower, but it also had terrible stuttering if I was running the game on maximum texture detail level (because textures have to be loaded into GPU constantly using slow mPCIE interface). In short Withcer 3 comparison: Proper desktop computer with GTX 980 TI: 70 FPS Proper desktop computer with GTX 970: 50 FPS eGPU with GTX 980 TI: 50 FPS eGPU with GTX 970: 30 FPS For games that use alot of VRAM (shadow or mordor, batman arkham knight, lords of fallen on maximum texture details level): 980 TI - no stuttering 970 - constant stuttering There is one thing you should know also that applies for any eGPU setup (970 and 980 TI also) - when the game uses mPCIE bandwidth to load textures (usually it is loading screen, but in open world games textures are being swapped constantly) you get performance drops in 30%. So for example if you get 50 FPS in Witcher 3, then for example when you load from save game, then for 2-3 seconds while textures are still being loaded you would get framerate drop to 30 FPS. As I am planning to make desktop computer within 1 year I think that it was totally worth buying the 980 TI for me, as I get not stutters now and get +10-20 FPS, and when I make my desktop computer I will extend the life of this GPU because I will get even better performance. I am not afraid that 6 GB of VRAM will not be enough in near future, because current generation consoles have only 8 GB of VRAM, and while there is no new generation of consoles 6 GB of VRAM will be enough - this means that 980 TI will not get outdated that soon (until new consoles come).
  8. Today I upgraded from Windows 7 to Windows 10 (PRO) and am very happy by my choice. The only problem I had is with Intel HD 4000 drivers - the Acer version is not supported, so I let Windows install latest drivers automatically. And problem with not running Acer driver is that I have to turn off laptop display using FN+DISPLAY key manually after Windows restarted. The main thing I am happy about is that now Optimus is working. So basically I have everything eGPU user can wish for - everything running stock software/drivers, no extra software/drivers required. For comparison: on Windows 7 (no Optimus) dx9 game Alan Wake ran at 24 FPS on highest settings on both GTX 970 and GTX 980 TI, but with Windows 10 (with Optimus - on external display) I get minimum of 35 FPS and 40 FPS AVG (playable for this game). The second thing I am happy about is DirectX 12. I dont know if it will improve performance for me (mPCIE bandwidth limited), but at least I will be able to try when games support it Otherwise I am happy with how Windows 10 feels - it does not require much time to get used to after Windows 7. EDIT: I think that the reason why I cant use dGPU as PhysX processor is that Optimus is powering off my dGPU to save power, I wonder if anyone knows how to work around this or disable Optimus at all.
  9. I upgraded to GTX 980 TI (Gainward reference version, mainly because of 6GB of VRAM), I was not expecting this (because I thought limited PCI-E bandwidth will have more impact on performance), but it is performing significantly better than GTX 970. Tested Witcher 3 and Dragon Age Inquisition so far, both games run 10-20 FPS better depending on an area. I was able to overclock the card to +200 core clock and +450 memory clock - running stable around 70C-80C. Did not change any voltage parameters. Here is 3dmark firestrike benchmark result of GTX 980 TI: 3dmark13-FS.GPU=15321 I can say that this setup is not running as good as decent desktop PC with same card, but it runs great.
  10. I am no hardware guru. I wrote that about bottleneck because I saw my GPU at 100% usage (in firestorm GPU monitoring utility - like MSI afterburner) when gaming, but I am changing my mind because when I overclock GTX 970 - it does not affect FPS in games. So this means one of 2: 1) GTX 970 is actually not being used 100% 2) CPU is the bottleneck I think it is the first one. As for N55SF - I have no idea. I have only tried my laptop and got lucky.
  11. as I wrote - for my hardware (laptop, eGPU adatper, GPU) nothing had to be done or configured - it was all plug and play. I also know that for one other member here with same laptop and a GTX 970 (only MSI version) and same eGPU adapter (Beast v6.1) was plug and play. So as for the GPU: GTX 970, it sure does not need any overrides, same goes for the Beast v6.1 adapter. So only variable left is your laptop - if you are lucky, then you will not need no extra configuration or setup to run this. As far as I understood it does not come down to CPU, MB, iGPU only. There are some other factors that might affect things, like BIOS and other I dont know. But if you have same hardware as I do (or lucky and you hardware is good) - you are good to go. One thing I noticed though - although my GPU is at 100% usage at all times when gaming, overclocking the GPU does not affect FPS. So I guess that mPCI-E is bottle necking the GTX 970. Or it could be the CPU that is the bottleneck. In other words - there is no point in using anything more powerful than a GTX 970 for this hardware that I have.
  12. you should provide more details. like when you are using GTX 660, then you are not powering it from PSU - because your PSU has no PCI-E power cable. It probably has not got enough power. In case of 8600GT - it draws max 43W (Video Card Comparison - GPUReview.com), but I am no expert on this matter - I do not know if Beast can supply that much power from PCI-E lane alone or if such old card is at all supported. because this card only supports PCIe 1.0 x16. Experts should comment if he can use it by default, he might need some 1.3 setup or whatever to switch to PCIe 1.0?
  13. Maybe someone else with better knowledge will reply, but meanwhile Im going to state the obvious: one or more of your components have died: gpu, beast adapter or dell power adapter. You should test all of them if possible (like test GPU on a desktop computer etc). I had same symptoms when my Beast died (it was my own fault though - I connected wrong 4-PIN ATX power supply connector to Beast), I was able to game for one day, then restarted system and eGPU was not recognized anymore (just showed up as generic VGA in device manager), on next restart it did not show up at all in device manager. Can you see the GTX 970 card in device manager?
  14. Freezing in GTA 5 is the game issue. There is a ton of posts on Rockstar forums about freezes. I have those freezes also, sometimes random and sometimes in same place in story - like getting in car after some heists. I think there are more freezes if you play 3DM version, I would recommend buying the game or try RELOADED version.
  15. I dont know what you mean by provided black (with EC yellow) 4-PIN connector (Im not hardware guy), all I know: DO NOT USE THIS 4-PIN: http://www.play3r.net/wp-content/uploads/2013/04/Be-Quiet-Pure-Power-L8-530W-20+4-Pin.jpg (this is part of ATX 24-PIN motherboard connector (20PIN+4PIN); USE: 4-PIN labaled "CPU": It should look something like this (4PIN+4PIN): http://www.corsair.com/Media/catalog/product/c/p/cp-8920115_eps_12v_cpu_conn.png
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