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  1. Sorry for the delay, been busy I couldn't work on the eGPU much in the past weeks. No issues with windows. Didn't really try OS X other than installing web drivers and booting, no luck. I only wanted to play some steam games in windows so I probably won't venture into OS X for the time being. you can see my cooling solution here: eGPU I will need to get a copy of those programs. I'll post back once I've got the results.
  2. @Tech Inferno Fan I plan on taking more detailed pictures and writing more about my setup. I'll post it in the new thread in the next few days.
  3. Hi @Tech Inferno Fan, I pretty much did the same thing as @Phantron http://forum.techinferno.com/implementation-guides-apple/8882-2014-13-macbook-pro-gtx970%4016gbps-tb2-akitio-thunder2-handle-win8-1-%5Bphantron.html You can see the wires soldered to the board from the PSU to power the unit but I did the reverse and tapped into the same pads as a power source for the 6 pin connector. I upgraded the power brick to a 180W unit. I am only seeing about 110W average draw from the entire unit under gaming and around 125W when running benchmarks. I believe it should be able to handle the power required for the 960, I haven't experienced any issues yet with the wiring. I have a DA-2 adapter that I might use and install a custom connector on the AKiTiO if I need to supply more power. - - - Updated - - - @bsohn I also debated using the 4GB card and I didn't realize that it was available until I already purchased my 2GB version. I decided to stay with the 2GB version because the benchmarks only showed advantages for certain games. Also, since the GPU performance isn't 100% of a traditional desktop set up I didn't think it would matter much for the extra cost. Benchmarks show my i7 4558U on par with a 4XXX i3 desktop part. For the price difference the 4GB is a good deal, last time I checked it was only about $30 more than the 2GB version. If you haven't purchased yet I don't see why you shouldn't get it. Besides overheating I noticed I cannot use any other thunderbolt device when using the eGPU. This is both daisy chaining and with the second port on the MBP. I think I read that it is not possible to do this when using an eGPU. Someone correct me if I'm wrong. - - - Updated - - - @Honsta Thanks! I'm thinking of drilling a grid of holes where the GPU fan is. I will post the results of the temps once I make the modifications. However running it open doesn't bother me. I actually like being able to see the GPU.
  4. Yea I agree. I want to find a solution to cut some openings where the GPU fan sits. Also some openings along the top would be nice.
  5. Finished my eGPU set up last night. The EVGA GTX 960 SC fits perfectly. The fan shroud touches the internal fan when you are inserting the card but it sits nicely with a very small gap once it's installed. I am running a late 2013 macbook pro 13" retina with Windows 8.1 64 bit efi. I modified a 6 pin connector so that it would fit under the case. The power was soldered to the board where the barrel connector comes in. For the power supply I am using a 180W 12V adapter I had laying around. I did some testing under load and only saw ~125W max being pulled by the set up. I suspect the card overheats when the enclosure is closed up so I tested it with the chassis open and did not experience any crashes afterwards. I guess it's best to use it opened up when doing intensive GPU activities. Has anyone modified the external case to allow for better air flow?
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