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  1. Hi,, what hardware are you using to flash your aw18 bios ? i would like to know thanks !!
  2. I mostly want to be able to control fan via bios settings like with the alienware 18-r2 where you could set fan to hight @ 50C if you wanted ... the rest of the bios option can be fun but really not super needed since i can use intel XTU for most of my overclock i just don't like using a software to control de fans....
  3. hello again i know slv7 can make a custom bios files and i mean i would have no problem paying the guys for his work... One of the main reason and probably the only reason i have , is that i want to have full control of the fan .... just like my old m18x-r2 .... so i don't have to rely on hwinfo64 AND so i can push my fan @ full speed /... on the aw18 the fan never goes full RPM ... i don't know if i buy a bios from slv7 or if i program it with an spi programmer .. if this would give me control over those darn fan speed ?? anybody know? slv7 can you point me to a post or help with this? thank you!!
  4. Well what i mean is that anybody know if we could flash our alienware 18 e.t.c with this kit using slv7 bios's ? anybody ever tried that hardware? its not costing much its like a total of 30$ ...
  5. Hello, i have seen pomona soic clip use to attach to soldered chip on board ... if used with a usb bios programmer .... it could be used to flash unlocked bios for our alienware? what hardware and models would be required ? anybody tried this? ? thank you
  6. Alright ty for the bios, i have tried it on the Alienware 18, i get better score ..BUT in game intensive such as Battlefield 4 games would crash after 20 minutes... underclocking card 100mhz lower would let me play much longer ... reverted back to stop bios... and played battlefield 4 for 5 hours strait ... no crash... so for alienware 18 user.... since we can't control the fan we need to wait
  7. slv7 have you seen my post http://forum.techinferno.com/alienware-m18x-aw-18/1966-%5Bm18x-r2%5D-unlocked-bios-versions-38.html#post63471 ? is it doable? i mean can you do it? thank you!
  8. Hello, it looks like the HM77 (m18x-r2 ivy bridge) doesn't support TRIM, and this disabled in the OPROM... i have read on another forums that people have unlocked the oprom for series 6 e.t.c ..... ( AnandTech Forums - View Single Post - RAID0 trim and SRT seems possible on 6-series and 5-Series ) now to unlock TRIM support on the M18X-R2 it seems we would have to edit offset 1bb22 and add 071E000007 to replace the entry and enable trim on the hm77 raid... i know that the hm77 as controller ID of 282A and alternativeID of 1E07 that is the number needed and needed to be edited in a oprom... i do not have the skill knowledge and tools to do so... but i know svl7 would! can you mod the OPROM with those info, and merge it into the m18x-r2 bios so i can test if it enable TRIM on the m18x-r2? thank you!
  9. i was expecting this, but seeing it ... ouch .... they trow them around like candy..... and next i am pretty sure the shipper guy do the same and worse ....just ouch ... price i paid for that laptop, took me 2 years ... i am not going to trow it around. i bring it at work everyday and bring it back home every night and every time i slip the black alienware skin and then i slip it inside the alienware bag .. and move around carefully ..., i think only rich people , spoiled kids or careless workers would trow it around.
  10. Hello, is there a difference between M18X-R2 shipped with windows 7 , and M18X-R2 shipped with Windows 8 (bios wise ) like slic e.t.c ?
  11. chipset is HM77, and raid driver are appropriate for AHCI normaly after you browse for the driver and load the Intel Mobile Express Chipset SATA RAID drivers when you come back to drive selection you can do refresh to see your drive. then you should be able to delete all partition and click next and windows 8 does its 4 uefi partition scheme .... does it work when not in uefi secure boot mode ? or not a at all?
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