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  1. So I received PE4C v3.0 mpcie GPU = GTX 970 Asus Strix PSU = Corsair CX430 I am having trouble figuring out how to connect the wires from the PSU to the EGPU adapter. I tried checking online for help I cannot find anything, just confusing me a lot. Looking at pictures and everything I am assuming that 1. I have to connect the 24Pin from the PSU to the EGPU adapter ? 2. The EGPU adapter has PWR Output which has 8 pin, Should I Use the 8 pin that I got with it and connect to the GPU or Should I connect the PSU 8Pin directly to the GPU ? 3. Is there any other connection that I am missing here other than mpcie to my laptop? Thanks in Advance.
  2. Okay guys. I bought PE4C MPCIE and GTX 970. Is the " Corsair CX430 430 Watts PSU " enough to power my gpu ?
  3. I am getting a GTX 970 with PE4C mpcie. My question is that will the "Corsair VS Series VS450 - 450 Watt" is enough to power my gtx 970 and will the cables connect properly ?
  4. Dude you got 1070 to work with your laptop ? If yes, hows the performance ?
  5. Thanks for the reply. Basically I tried my Laptop y500 with a my friend's setup GTX 760 and works fine. I am planning to buy a GTX 1060 or GTX 970. If 10 series cards work then I will buy 1060. I hope someone can give a confirmation.
  6. So according to your research the new GTX 10 series cards should work right ? I am also thinking of doing the EGPU using mPCIE slot.
  7. can some one tell me where do I fill my shipping address in the payment page of this item ? PE4C V3.0 (PCIe x16 Adapter)
  8. Can someone please answer me ? 1. I have lenovo y500. I tested my laptop with my friend's EGPU setup and it worked for me. My friend had the version before PE4C v3.0 was released. My question whether the new PE4C v3.0 will work for me ? 2. I will be buying a BenQ XL2411z and GTX 970. Will it work using the mpcie way of connecting ? 3. I am going to buy PE4C v3.0 from the following site PE4C V3.0 (PCIe x16 Adapter) I just wanted to know, how do I give the person the address so that he can send me the item ? I can't find a place to fill in my address in the payment page of paypal. Can some one help me ??? Thanks in advance.
  9. Hi.. I have a quick question... I tried gtx 760ti with my lenovo y500...in my friends egpu setup..and it was working fine.. So I was thinking of buying a gtx 960 4gb for my egpu setup.. The monitor I will be using will be XL2420Z for the 144hz...so will everything be OK??
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