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  1. baddemichl

    Help with OC 4960x

    I tryed something, but i can´t go over 4.4. What does the " Core Current Limit " mean? Should i go there higher too?
  2. baddemichl

    Help with OC 4960x

    Hi at all, I bought a p570wm with a 3960x Cpu. It was allways overheating, so i dicided to buy a 4960x.It is running very fine and very cooler then the old one. But now i´m interested in oc this Cpu. I tried to oc it in Bios, but when i go higher then 6x4.0 . i get a blue screen with critical system failure. my bios is from prema v5. So i tryed Intel XTU. with that i could go to 6x4.4. Above that i get the same screen.i don´t Change the Setting for current and voltage, because i don´t know what i have to do. I wouldn´t damage my Cpu. I hope sameone can explain me the Setting and how to use it. Sorry for my bad english.

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