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  1. No, the bios is not solving anything, can you @svl7 help me?
  2. Im using the latest bios A10, i will try with the unlocked bios...
  3. HI dude, But what about having the fans workin without a software? Is that not possible? i so plenty of unsupported cards on alienware m17x r2 having the fans working normally, even @svl7 created a vbios for this card for working with m15x and the fans works normally on them. Thanks for your time.
  4. Hello, I have the same card, did you find or know a solution of why the gpu fans are stay all time in 2500 rpm? Regards
  5. Hello, Sorry for disturbing you, did you have a solution for this rpm stuck case with GTX 470M? Will i need another vbios? Im using the one you posted http://forum.techinferno.com/clevo/3258-gtx-470m-vbios-needed-2.html, its working but the rpm of the cooler is not increasing, mabybe you can help me, i will really appreciate, really thank for your time.
  6. Hi, i have a 470M Engeniering release, i just updated with this vbios and is working normally but the the gpu fans stays all the time on 2500 rpm, i have an alienware m17x r2, is there a way to fix this without using hwinfo? With the original bios the problem was the same, thanks for your time.
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