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  1. Email Xotic I have seen this subject about battery wear on NBR one of the xotic pc employee's said if you have such and such wear in such and such time frame then they will replace the battery because it is covered in the warranty so hopefully you got more than the 1yr warranty like EVERYONE should do when buying an expensive machine like this so yah email them and find out if they will replace if, also please keep us updated as it would be nice to know what amount of battery wear qualifies for a new battery under the warranty GOOD luck!
  2. I would contact Xotic about your battery I saw a post some where else where someone had this same problem and someone from Xotic said if the battery wear is such and such after such and such time they will replace it via the warranty so send them an email and see what they have to say it sure couldn't hurt anything Good Luck!
  3. Well my np9377sm-s is in the mail should be here Monday or Tuesday I was wondering if it is possible to OC the 16gb 1600 Kingston HyperX memory to 1866? Also does anyone have any experience installing the 120hz display I have the edp cable also but I am not sure if I am going to be able to do this myself or what, 1 last question if I am able to get it installed properly by some how getting down to the motherboard and plugging in the edp cable would I have to do some type of bios update or anything for the computer to recognize the display panel? Thanks guys I look forward to reading your replys (hopefully someone replys lol please someone help heh)...opps sorry I lied I promise this is the last question....at least for now, when I get this I am installing windows 8.1 that i bought with it what do you guys recommend I do first? Is there a certain order that drivers should be installed?....I looked at the drivers on Sagers website and there are alot of them it kind of makes it confusing as to exactly what are all the drivers I need I don't want to install something that I don't need and have it cause a problem....okay I am done and I am really sorry for all the questions but this is my first Sager laptop and I don't want to mess anything up, I am relatively computer savvy but I have never owned a laptop as beastly as this...again thanks everyone for your time...God Bless!
  4. Buying this on the 16th with 4810mq dual sli 980m's 16gb Kingston HyperX Crucial m550 512x2 + 1tb 7200 hdd intel 7260ac and the 120hz display with the edp cable but I am not sure on how to connect it so that will be touch and go scary for me
  5. as someone else said they NEED to make these high end gaming systems with a standard of a 120hz display, I am buying the p377sm-a/NP9377sm-a which has 2 980m's in it in SLI but the display is 60hz so I bought a 120hz display that will fit in it along with the edp connection wire now I just need to find out how to actually connect the cable to the motherboard and what that entails me to do I am not sure so if anyone else knows please message me, but yes what I would like in the new laptops is a standard of 120hz and maybe some more high end ips panel's
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