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  1. Probably... Well there probably is solution which is not connected with the actual GPU, i just don't have such knowledge in electricity. Maybe some electrician will stumble on this post. xD
  2. Well i hoped that there are some voltage regulators or something as i have spent loads to try and fix the problem (DIY 3.0, another PSU and UPS). I really hope there is cheaper solution.
  3. So i have had help here before when i thought that often nvidia driver crash was caused by different PCI gens. I am runnning Acer v3-571g with EXP GDC v6 and GTX 750. Turns out the problem is fridge. :D As i understand when fridge turns on, there is voltage drop in the whole electric circuit and there is not enough power for eGPU and it crashes. Which means, every time fridge turns on/off i get black screen for couple of seconds and nvidia driver sometimes crashes. I hope someone understood my problem and i am surprised i am the only one so far with such problem. What i've tried so far... Instead of atx PSU i tried Dell optilex, did not help. Also i bought Orvaldi which did not help. I hope someone here can help me out because i have no idea how to avoid these jumps in power. And yes, its definitely caused by fridge (voltage drops) because with fridge turned completely off, i get no problems. P.S. Does my dell PSU makes hissing and sometimes sparkling sounds when it is working, is that normal? It does not get hot.
  4. Like @Tech Inferno Fan recommended i used DIY setup to try to fix Nvidia driver crashes. I tried both, changing GEN1 and GEN2 link speeds and i did not work. However, when i choose any of those is asks "Do link restraining". What do i have to choose there? I dont know what else can i try. Could PSU cause this? These are the specs: And as i mentioned above there is some screen flickering in games, not very noticable but still. And also when in-game PSU makes a little bit weirder noises which are not caused by spinning fans. In windows enviroment that does not happen. Daym this setup is getting costly. - - - Updated - - - P.S. When i press test chainloader it shows this:
  5. Just sent you a payment, hope to get setup soon
  6. Oh and i forgot to mention before. In any games there is a little screen flickering (only when actually playing, in loading screen or pause there is no flickering) but in windows enviroment there is not. Is that caused by the same problem?
  7. @Tech Inferno Fan If you remember my problem... Are you 100% sure that your DIY setup would fix my problem? If it didn't help i would have spent money for nothing.
  8. Some guy had unlocked it and uploaded in the internet with instructions. I don't know if that helps because i don't have Asus laptop and my problem is different.
  9. 2nd option is possible only with 25$ donation? Please tell me that there are other options :/
  10. I have options in bios to change PCI gen, would these work?
  11. @Tech Inferno Fan What exaclty do i have to downgrade? Could you explain more about dowgrading to Gen1 speed? I have some PCI related options in Bios. I am half broke student so i'd like to try everything as spending more money on this stuff is almost not an option.
  12. Hi guys, so recently i tried to join Laptop gaming as well buy buying EXP GDC dock. Installation worked well although i had to flash unlocked bios to disable Nvidia card which was in laptop. My setup is Acer V3-571G with i5-3230m, 6gigs of ram. EXP GDC and 350w PSU. For GPU i am using Nvidi GTX 750 OC edition from Gigabyte. So i had installed driver and restarted computer and launched Tomb Raider to test the performance. It ran un Ultimate settings. Yay! AND THEN BAMS. Screen goes black and then normal again and it shows that Nvidia driver stopped responding, crashed and has recovered. I thought oh well, i red that it happens sometimes and carried on. Nope, after like 3-10 minutes it happened again, sometimes it happens even after 2 minutes. Sometimes after 15. What i've tried so far: -manipulation with switches on EXP GDC. Didnt help. -installation of older drivers. Didnt help -using windows 8 instead of 7. Didnt help -various settings in nvidia control panel. Didnt help. So has anyone met this problem or i have a faulty EXP GDC adapter? I thought that may be my PSU could not handle GPU in games but i dont think thats the case because these crashes happen even when not playing games. Writing this it happened 3 times already. I noticed that CPU usage skyrockets when crash happens (MSI Afterburner). And no i didnt overclock the hard, i even tried to downclock it. Could PSU cause this? It's kinda old but i think it still should be enough for 750. If necessary i can provide PSU's stats. I would appreciate any help as GTA V is gonna be release in the next few days.
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