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  1. @svl7 - would it be too much to ask if you could post in your vbioses post, the Dell 680m vbios with 950-989 boost? I've seen your work in a benchmarks thread on the other forum, and it's awesome, and it seems it cannot be aquired with sofware using the 850-898 vbios. Had the stock voltage, as I could see. Thanks!
  2. Great guide, wish I had the 4gb clevo version myself. The Dell version I have can't be OC over 860 core, still I read a bench review with scores at 950-1000, dunno how that is possible though.
  3. Hey, which version OCed (not OV) is for the clevo p170em? I need the OCed version, but there are many versions dunno which one to pick. This is from a friend who wants to try it. EDITED OUT
  4. When using the OC OV in my dell 680, I get throttle without touching anything. Went back to the 850-889 vbios version. The best score without throttle was 859 and 1100 memory. Anything above shows throttling in 3dmark 11.
  5. Ok, here is a screenshot. Is my score ok? I think there is still room for OC since it peaks at 66 Celsius. Should I go up with nvidia inspector or AB? Thanks for the guidance! Noob here Imageshack - clipboard01vp.jpg
  6. I've done it! Flashed the vBios on my Dell 680m in the m17x. I went with the 1st version 850, and everything went smooth. I also backup ed the rom before flashing, now I'm doing some benchmarks. Quick question. Now should I overclock more or this rom already OC the card? Sorry, I'm a noob after all. Thanks again SVL. Great stuff. If temps allow, I will flash the OV version. Will post back results.
  7. I am so eager to test this. Should I use afterburner to overclock or nvidia inspector? I have a m17x r4, and peaking at 67 celsius is begging for an overclock. I will choose the one with the slight overvolt, but I do have a question. If something goes wrong, can I still roll back to stock vbios? Do I have to make a backup or something? I need more fps in guild wars 2.
  8. I had them both. I do appreciate nVidia more, as its drivers are more mature, and to be honest, we all know they were almost everytime superior. But that comes with its cost... ironically, the cost itself.
  9. Will try my bios today, as soon as I have the permission to download them. I already made a few posts, still no permission. I understand you don't want spammers here, etc, but what the about the average user who really appreciate this and would need the files?
  10. Quick question: In AW, does optimus change the card to the intel one automatically when not needing the horse power like when browsing etc, or only the fn+f7 and reboot will bring the intel card?
  11. I cannot see anyone going for a gaming 1600x900 display. With nowadays gpus, it's a must having a FHD display in a 17 inch laptop. At least this is what I think.
  12. I'm sorry, I found alot of info scattered all over the place here and on notebookreview, but there is no tutorial on how to do it from A to Z. Can some oc savy guy post it step by step? Like what vbios version to download and how to create the usb flash and actually flashing it? I have a 680m Dell card in my m17x. Thanks alot!
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